Prying open the “knowledge black box” of China’s protective clothing market

“the last line of defense” is the most appropriate metaphor for the role of safety protection articles. Construction workers, welders, blast furnace workers, firefighters, forest protection police, field soldiers, all need all kinds of safety protection equipment. With the improvement of national economy and living standards, the self-protection awareness of the society is increasing, and the demand for safety protection equipment is also increasing

recently, the 2011 China safety protection textile and garment industry innovation and development forum, sponsored by China 1ndustrial Textile 1ndustry Association, gathered together the raw materials, production, R & D, testing and application of the industry chain for the first time to provide communication and exchange for its development. 1t is the consensus of the representatives from both inside and outside the industry to make the industry improve faster

“security” market gap is considerable

“China is the largest labor market in the world, according to the statistics of authoritative departments, the number of employees in China is nearly 770 million. We can imagine how many kinds of labor protection articles and clothing are needed by such a large number of employees every year – the figures are quite objective. ” The opening remarks of Liu xurong, director of the safety sign management center of special protective equipment of the State Administration of work safety and Secretary General of the labor protection committee of the China Association for work safety, inspired the industry. More than 20 million sets of anti-static, flame-retardant, acid-base, chemical and other special labor protective clothing are needed every year. According to the production capacity of 285 clothing enterprises that have obtained safety signs, it is far from meeting the domestic demand

labor protection articles are the protective equipment used to protect workers in the process of work in order to prevent or reduce accident injuries and occupational hazards. They are the last line of defense set up to protect workers’ safety and health when production conditions cannot eliminate all kinds of dangerous and harmful factors. According to incomplete statistics, all kinds of casualty accidents caused by lack of labor protection or unqualified labor protection account for about 15% of the total number of casualty accidents in industrial and mining enterprises

in order to avoid this kind of injury, the safety production law has made specific provisions on the use of labor protection articles. First of all, the production and business operation units must provide the employees with labor protection articles that meet the national or industrial standards, and supervise and educate the employees to wear and use them according to the use rules. Second, employees are required to strictly abide by rules and regulations of production safety and operating procedures, obey management, and correctly wear and use labor protection articles< According to Director Liu, in 2004, the state adjusted the supervision and management system of labor protection articles, cancelled the safety production license system of labor protection articles, and changed the supervision of the production link of labor protection articles from the original one to the market access and use link of products. 1n 2005, the State Administration of work safety issued the regulations on the supervision and administration of labor protection articles, which also specified that 22 kinds of labor protection articles directly endangering the personal safety and health of workers, namely special labor protection articles, should be subject to the management of "safety signs". By the end of last year, more than 1200 enterprises had applied for safety signs of special labor protection articles according to the inspection of the Safety Supervision Bureau, most of the users can purchase according to the regulations, and the “safety signs” have also been recognized and responded by most enterprises, effectively preventing fake and shoddy products and “three noes” from entering the use field. Accordingly, the use of enterprises in labor protection equipment has greatly improved, 75% of the state-owned enterprises are more standardized. However, there is a gap between small and medium-sized enterprises and individual private enterprises, especially in construction, building materials and small chemical enterprises, which generally do not equip workers with labor protection articles in place selling products and services with the enhancement of people’s self-protection awareness, the demand for labor protection articles is increasing. According to a survey, the average annual labor protection cost for each employee in China is about 300-1500 yuan, and the requirements for product variety and performance are also higher and higher. Workers not only require products to have safety protection performance, but also require products to have a sense of comfort, beauty and portability for workers, there will be a variety of occupational hazards in the production environment, and it is impossible to equip one kind of occupational hazard with one kind of protective equipment. Therefore, the products with multiple functions can really effectively protect the safety and health of workers. For example, the work clothes worn by oil workers should have multi-functional requirements such as flame retardant, anti-static, waterproof and oil repellent Li Lingshen, President of China 1ndustrial Textiles Association, said that the development of safety protection textiles with multiple protection functions is one of the key directions during the 12th Five Year Plan period. 1t focuses on improving the R & D and innovation level of textile yarn, fabric and clothing in the field of safety protection, breaking through high-temperature dyeing technology of high-performance fiber and multi-layer composite technology of various materials. The China Association of work safety is also actively supporting the development of safety materials production enterprises, encouraging enterprises to develop advanced flame retardant, fire-resistant, low smoke, low toxicity, high temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant materials, as well as safety materials that can effectively reduce occupational hazards, continuously improving the product series of safety materials, and strengthening the application of safety materials in various industries according to the introduction, the production enterprises of labor protection articles in China are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, with single production products, and one enterprise only produces one or several related products. Statistics show that 23% of domestic labor protection products enterprises have sales below 1 million yuan, and 37% have sales between 1 million and 5 million yuan. However, enterprises with annual sales above 5 million yuan only have less than 40% share, and enterprises with sales above 10 million yuan are fewer, far from forming scale advantage. Small scale and low ability to resist risks are the common characteristics of most labor protection products enterprises Liu xurong stressed that this is not compatible with the rapid development of China’s economy, especially in view of the fact that some well-known international brands of labor protection products have entered or are ready to enter China’s market, the industry urgently needs to establish a number of new enterprises with trade as the leading, capital as the link, science and technology as the driving force, information as the basis, quality as the basis and efficiency as the goal most of the production and distribution enterprises in our country only pay attention to selling products, and do not pay attention to product quality and after-sales service. The concept of production, marketing and public relations of foreign-funded enterprises is user-oriented. On the premise of ensuring product quality, they make products more comfortable and beautiful; Win the market with more comprehensive, more convenient and better service. For example, North believes that professional safety knowledge is exactly what Chinese users need, and provides targeted technical training for users with technology poverty alleviation as a powerful public relations magic weapon. At the beginning of entering the Chinese market, JSP company did not sell products. First, it conducted more than one year of technical training, and prepared customer product manuals for users, which collected the product use problems encountered by users in various countries, and each problem has a detailed answer more than a dozen “foreign brands” such as 3M, DuPont, 1ger, Bagu, north, Delta, etc., which have entered the Chinese market, on the one hand, have brought advanced technology, on the other hand, have broken the pattern of the Chinese market, especially in some blank high-end markets. For example, 3M company has almost occupied half of China’s noise and dust protection fortunately, in the face of the “knowledge black box” of domestic industry development, a number of enterprises, institutes and testing institutions are constantly learning, absorbing and innovating in the process of “charging”. Fu Enfu, chairman of Shaanxi Yuanfeng Textile Technology Research Co., Ltd., told reporters that the development of domestic safety protection products industry must take the road of industrial chain integration and innovation. Shaanxi Yuanfeng cooperated with the equipment and Finance Department of the Ministry of public security to implement the research project of special police training clothing fabric development technology, and cooperated with Yantai spandex Co., Ltd. to carry out the application research of special fiber in the project, 1t is a successful example of industrial chain innovation aiming at terminal demand

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