Public opinion on work safety is true and open

The State Administration of work safety issued the “response plan for network public opinion on work safety”, proposing to release real and authoritative information in a targeted manner, timely respond to and answer the opinions, hot spots and doubts related to work safety on the 1nternet, and actively and steadily resolve the network public opinion crisis

according to the plan, according to the possible social impact of network public opinion, the network public opinion of work safety can be divided into four levels: general, large, major and particularly significant. General online public opinion refers to the public opinion that netizens only have a small number of onlookers to inquire, question and express their demands for a certain policy or accident handling; Larger online public opinion refers to the public opinion that the same comment appears on different websites, and the number of clicks to follow the post exceeds 1000 times in one day, or it is forwarded on microblog or blog more than 100 times, which may cause greater negative impact; Major online public opinion refers to the public opinion that the same speech appears on different websites at the same time, with more than 10000 hits per day, or more than 300 tweets or blogs forwarded, which may cause significant impact; Especially significant online public opinion refers to the public opinion that the same speech appears on different websites, hits more than 50000 times in one day, or tweets more than 500 times on microblog or blog, which may cause significant negative impact or major onlooker events

the plan is clear, and there are four ways to deal with the network public opinion: timely authoritative release, informing the truth or the disposal of the event according to law; Organize relevant experts or network commentators to give a positive voice and master the leading power of public opinion; The relevant websites are requested to delete and cover the false information to eliminate the adverse effects; Those who maliciously hype and are suspected of crimes shall be reported to the network security supervision organ for disposal according to law

according to the level of public opinion and the reasons involved, and in accordance with the principle of “seeking truth from facts, being open and transparent, having the same caliber, being accurate and timely”, the State Administration of work safety responds by following posts, expert interviews, online reviews, holding press conferences or circulars, issuing news circulars, and accepting reporters’ interviews

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