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China public safety magazine was founded in 1993, formerly known as comprehensive information of China’s social public safety products industry. 1t is under the charge of the Ministry of public security of the people’s Republic of China. So far, it has gone through nine years of ups and downs, and has been concerned and recognized by colleagues from all walks of life. Over the years, our company has made remarkable achievements, adhering to the purpose of promoting the development of the security industry, and has undertaken many international security exhibitions, which greatly promoted the development of the domestic security industry

with the continuous development and growth of China public safety magazine, its popularity and authority are promoted as the first among the peer media, which is closely related to our adhering to the people-oriented concept and paying attention to shaping its own brand image. Our company has gathered a group of backbone of professional management, high-quality service, sincere unity, love and dedication. We attach importance to our own corporate culture, dare to face new challenges, and constantly adapt to the diversified development trend. Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future, facing the new century, we have a long way to go. We are confident that we will repay our colleagues in the industry for their care with more outstanding achievements

the content of China public security is closely related to the public security industry. 1t reports the development situation of the security industry at home and abroad, and timely provides relevant national management policies, laws and regulations. 1ts distribution target source is accurate and detailed. 1t is dominated by national security enterprises, security engineering companies, property management offices, financial and traffic control departments, and public security government departments. 1ts circulation has been far ahead of its peers China Public Security attaches great importance to security exhibitions all over the country. All exhibitions in China have their corresponding publications distributed free of charge. 1t publicizes security enterprises with its majestic momentum, and collates the effective list from the widely collected business cards, so as to give away for a long time and increase the advertising target audience China public security appears in the form of bimonthly (full-color printing, 16 large), which ensures the fixed persistence of advertising information and avoids the rapid replacement of monthly. For enterprises with repeated advertising content, it saves a series of trivial work such as advertising arrangement. China public security is the best media choice for security enterprises that are willing to create enterprise and brand image. 1t provides free opportunities for publishing engineering safety regulations and latest technology articles, latest product introduction, excellent enterprise interview and other columns. 1t also has the strong alliance of China public security network and the annual excellent enterprise tour, For security enterprises to provide a wide range of publicity space. Similarly, the most influential China public security is also an important tool for Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas regions to understand and open the mainland market

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editor in chief: Yang Jincai

editor: Editorial Department of China Public Security

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