Purchase accessories benefit from Putian shoes and clothing City

in order to help enterprises reduce production costs, and at the same time to make shoes and clothing industry bigger and stronger, Putian shoes and clothing city was officially put into use on the 30th of last month after nearly three years of construction

Putian shoes and clothing city is a key project in Fujian Province, covering an area of more than 300 mu with a total investment of more than 360 million yuan. With 1402 exhibition areas, the shoe and clothing city is the largest and most functional professional market for shoe and clothing raw materials on the west side of the Straits. At present, more than 800 enterprises from Wenzhou, Shaoxing, Quanzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other places have entered the footwear industry, introducing 1173 brands

“now the materials needed by Putian shoe leather enterprises can be purchased at home, and the cost will be significantly reduced.” Huang Shibiao of Huacheng shoe materials Co., Ltd. has made an account: “a kind of jewelry called” sunflower “is commonly used in women’s shoes and casual shoes. 1t costs 1 yuan to purchase this kind of jewelry from Guangdong. 1f you buy it in the city of shoes and clothing, it only costs 0.2 yuan each, which will save 80% of the cost.”

it is understood that in 2008, the annual output value of Putian shoe industry reached 21 billion yuan, the annual output value of clothing reached 6.2 billion yuan, and the purchase of various accessories exceeded 12 billion yuan. More than 80% of these accessories were purchased from other places, and the cost accounted for 70% of the total output value. Now to Putian shoes and clothing City procurement, fabric costs than Quanzhou local prices fell by 3.2%. 1ndustry insiders predict that the annual trading volume of Putian shoes and clothing city can reach more than 10 billion yuan

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