Purchase of labor protection articles

1) Make a purchase plan

the user can choose different grades of products on the premise of ensuring the protection function according to the fund situation, the type and quantity of labor protection articles and other additional requirements, such as beauty, comfort and convenience. The time for the user to make the purchase plan, the requirements for the required product quality, the complexity of the required product process and other factors have a great impact on whether the supplier can supply the goods on time. Therefore, the user should communicate with the supplier as soon as possible so as to get the products with safety guarantee on time< 2) supplier selection and contract determination 1) supplier selection if the supplier is a manufacturing enterprise, its technical ability, stability and proficiency of personnel, strength of production equipment, testing ability and management level have a great impact on quality and on-time delivery, which can be used as the key content of supplier evaluation. Special labor protection articles can only be produced with the industrial product production license issued by the state. 1f the supplier is a distribution unit, it should check whether it has legal person qualification, and judge its strength from the aspects of business premises, facilities, storage places, environmental conditions and registered capital. The management level can be judged from the professional level, variety range, commodity display, warehouse display and management system. The operation of special labor protection articles shall have the “special labor protection articles fixed point sales certificate” issued by the provincial safety supervision and Administration Bureau< (2) in order to ensure the quality of purchased special labor protection articles, the user should put forward clear technical requirements for specific varieties and write them into the purchase contract as the basis for acceptance. Punctual supply should be clearly included in the contract, especially whether the supply time of small batch and sporadic replenishment (the accurate time from request to receipt) can be guaranteed 3 precautions the user should have the technical standards of the purchased labor protection articles, and check whether the contents of the standards can meet the needs of the unit. For example, the standard of safety net only stipulates the center impact test, and the side rope and tether should not be broken after impact. However, there is no guarantee that a person will fall into the center when a fall accident occurs. At this time, the breaking of the side rope or tether will cause people to continue to fall from the safety net. And the supplier can drill the loophole of the standard without any legal liability. The employer shall supplement the contract with the supplier to ensure that the employees can be effectively protected when they accidentally fall to any position of the safety net. Generally, the service life of labor protection articles is not long, and the blind pursuit of high-end products will cause unnecessary waste; Excessive pursuit of low prices, or even lower than a reasonable price, can only get inferior products or products mixed with a large number of recycled goods. The use of special labor protection products without license has the risk of punishment< 3) reasonably control the distribution scope and quantity for the users, the first basic work to do a good job in the management of labor protection articles is to establish the files of labor protection articles. According to different production environment and types of work, the user should equip the employees with corresponding labor protection articles, and determine the distribution cycle according to the actual demand. Collect and summarize these information to form a complete purchase plan. The user should specify the minimum number of specific departments and posts. When determining the quantity, in addition to the spare parts for accidental damage replacement, it should also include the quantity required by the management personnel, foreign visitors and the emergency plan. 1nsufficient quantity will cause protection loopholes. For example, as long as appropriate safety net, safety belt, fence, fence and other anti falling products are provided in construction, it can simply and effectively prevent falling accidents. Falling death ranks first in the construction industry. The root cause is the lack of fall prevention products and untimely provision. 1n addition to the waste of enterprise funds, excessive distribution will flow into enterprises again through recycling channels. Due to aging, improper storage conditions and other reasons, the internal quality of these recycled expired products has changed. A dealer tested this phenomenon and marked a batch of insulating leather shoes for years. As a result, a pair of shoes were recycled for six times at most. We can imagine the hidden danger 4) records to be kept in purchasing management 1) provide files; (2) procurement plan; (3) check the original of the industrial product production license provided by the producer and keep the copy; (4) check the original of the sales certificate of special labor protection articles uniformly issued by the provincial safety supervision and Administration Bureau provided by the business unit, and keep the copy note: all records must be signed by the operator, and the configuration file and purchase plan must be signed by the approving person China labor insurance net

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