Put an end to “four no” in emergency rescue plan

Nowadays, as an effective means of accident prevention and emergency treatment, accident emergency rescue plan is attracting more and more attention of various industries. Most enterprises, especially hazardous chemical enterprises, can formulate their own accident emergency rescue plan according to relevant regulations and requirements, which provides methods and basis for emergency treatment after accidents to a certain extent. But in the daily implementation of the accident emergency rescue plan, “four no” phenomenon must be paid attention to< First, it is not practical. The accident emergency rescue plan is a predetermined plan for enterprises to guide how to deal with the accident. 1ts biggest feature is to be practical. Only when it is practical can it be orderly in the emergency treatment of the accident. However, some enterprises often do not combine the characteristics and reality of the industry when making plans, boasting a lot, and some even copy the plans of other enterprises in order to meet the needs of superior inspection or handling various permits, so that once an accident occurs, the plans are not operable, causing unnecessary losses< No study. After the accident emergency rescue plan is formulated, every employee from the leadership should know what to do and what not to do after the accident, and take effective measures to prevent the accident from expanding. However, some enterprises do not attach importance to this idea, and make a good accident emergency plan, either hanging on the wall or locked in the cabinet. 1n addition to making the content known by people, no one cares about it, let alone organizing learning, which makes the accident emergency rescue plan become "deaf ears" and lose its practical role< No drill. Whether a plan is feasible or not depends on practice, and the best way to practice is the pre plan exercise. The pre plan exercise no less than once a year is also required by relevant laws and regulations. However, some enterprises turn a deaf ear to it. They are afraid of trouble, work stoppage and spending money, and often do not organize the exercise. Some organizations also give a symbolic demonstration, The purpose of the exercise has not been achieved in a real sense< 4. No revision. Things are changing at any time, including devices, personnel, production conditions and so on. With their changes, emergency rescue plans for accidents should be revised. Some enterprises often ignore this point. Once a plan is formulated, it will be done once and for all. 1f the plan is no longer perfect, it will not be supplemented, and the problems found will not be revised. Over time, the emergency plan will become a pile of waste paper. Everything is established in advance, and it will be abandoned if it is not done in advance. Many accident lessons also show that if the accident emergency rescue plan is well formulated and implemented, the loss caused by the accident can be minimized, otherwise it will be punished. Therefore, every industry and every individual must attach great importance to it ideologically, and earnestly implement the requirements of the emergency rescue plan into practical action, so as to prevent and take precautions China labor insurance net

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