put on thick protective clothing and sweat all over in 3 minutes

35 ℃. On the side of the small square of liuliwang village in Luqiao City, the live working vehicle of Luqiao power supply company makes the sound of mechanical operation, and the mechanical arm takes the maintenance personnel to the position near the top of the pole. They are going to install the double circuit connection switch box for the pole located here< According to Lin Jianwei, the maintenance team leader of Luqiao power supply company, the purpose of their construction is to connect qiaoyang q953 line with Bada q866 line, which used to transmit electricity independently. He said that the two lines were originally single radiation lines, one with light load and the other with large load. After the connection, the heavy load of the lines with heavy load can be reduced, and the large section overhaul of qiaoyang line can be realized without affecting household power consumption at the operation site, the reporter saw that the power maintenance workers were wearing long sleeve cotton padded clothes and a layer of insulating clothes on the outside, which could be described as “armed” all over the body, and sweat had been seeping out of the cotton padded clothes the reporter learned that the current hot day is still in the peak season of power consumption. 1f the power outage operation is adopted for line connection, the normal power consumption of more than 60 users will be affected, and the power outage time may be as long as 6 hours “on such a hot day, it’s hard to cut off power for six hours.” Lin Jianwei said that in order to maintain a stable and reliable power supply and not affect the daily production and life of users, they chose the form of live working” 1n the whole process, only two users’ electricity consumption will be temporarily affected. “ for live working, it is essential to wear thick yellow protective clothing, gloves and protective shoes. This full set of equipment can provide safety protection for the maintenance workers who carry out live line work, but its thick and airtight characteristics are very unfavorable for the maintenance workers to cool down “generally, our workers can work for 3 hours at most.” Lin Jianwei said that high temperature is the most important factor affecting construction in summer the reporter tried to wear the yellow rubber protective clothing of the maintenance workers. After wearing it neatly, he felt sweating all over in only three minutes, and was too hot. And maintenance workers wear it for hours climbing up the cement pole and using tools to operate on the live line is a routine for maintenance workers “our goal is to provide citizens with cool energy conditions. As long as we can guarantee stable and reliable electricity consumption, what does it matter if we work harder?” A post-85 maintenance worker told reporters that his inner sense of achievement was that he could maintain without power failure

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