Putian unveils the first footwear safety demonstration zone

yesterday, Fujian’s first export footwear quality and safety demonstration zone was unveiled in Putian, the “China shoe city”. This unveiling ceremony makes the construction of export footwear product quality and safety industry chain perfect, and ensures the quality and safety of export footwear products

, as a major province of footwear production and export in China, exported footwear in Fujian last year valued at US $5 billion 444 million, ranking second in Chinese mainland. Putian is a big shoe export city in Fujian Province, which exports shoes all over the world with an annual growth rate of more than 15%. From January to July 2010, the export volume of Putian footwear products was 41000 batches, with a value of US $1.085 billion, and the added value of products increased significantly< However, there are still obvious deficiencies in the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, improvement of product quality, enterprise management, scale efficiency, brand effect, improvement of industrial chain and competitive advantage of the group. 1ndustry insiders pointed out that the construction of export footwear quality and safety demonstration zone in Putian is the only way to improve the overall quality of Putian footwear industry and the quality of footwear products on the day of the unveiling ceremony, Fujian entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Putian City also signed the cooperation agreement on establishing Putian export footwear quality and safety demonstration zone and promoting the development of Putian footwear industry. The two sides said that they will deepen the construction of the quality and safety system, build the quality and safety industry chain, enhance the ability of enterprises to cope with foreign technical barriers, improve the quality and safety level of exported shoes, and ensure no major quality and safety accidents; Encourage and guide enterprises to accelerate structural adjustment, brand building, technological innovation and equipment transformation, and promote the transformation and upgrading of export footwear industry; First try, innovate the inspection and supervision mode of export footwear, further speed up the construction of customs clearance, and help promote enterprises to expand exports

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