Putting high technology on the body

the picture shows the award-winning assault suit displayed at the science and technology week

today is the third day of Beijing Science and technology week, and it’s Monday. 1 thought that the number of visitors to the home of science and technology week would decrease. Unexpectedly, when the reporter went to interview in the morning, he met many people with high interest. At the gate of the Olympic Forest Park, where the home of science and technology week is located, the ticket collection team formed a “long line”

“do you think there is high technology in this dress?” 1n the “clothes” exhibition area of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Aunt Li, who came to visit from Fengtai, touched a cashmere sweater on the model and asked curiously. Several old sisters who came with her also came forward” Yes, this is the latest development of new fiber cashmere The staff warmly introduced to them that although these cashmere sweaters are ordinary in appearance, they are made of three kinds of special fibers and pure cashmere. They not only have good heat preservation performance, brighter color than traditional cashmere, but also are lighter and more breathable. What’s more, they are both antistatic and radiation resistant, and can be machine washed” Really, 1 feel very comfortable. ” Aunt Li couldn’t put it down. She quietly told the reporter that she liked the purple heart collar very much. “Wearing this kind of high-tech cashmere sweater must be very exciting.” The ingredient list of a red underwear next to it is marked with “40% germanium containing milk protein composite fiber”. Looking at these dazzling introductions, Aunt Li sighed, “we put high technology on us!”

several young people around a “breathable detachable assault suit” try to find something special, the staff simply let one of them try it on, only two seconds to pull the lock from the armpit to the inside of the arm, the whole dress is divided into two parts, so that it becomes extremely easy to wear. According to reports, the clothing, which won the “2010 China innovative design Red Star Award”, is specially made for outdoor athletes. The “detachable” feature meets the special needs of this group of people. 1n addition, it uses three layers of composite waterproof, windproof and moisture permeable fabrics, which can resist the harsh outdoor environment. A secondary light-emitting tube is installed at the connection of the hood to increase the recognition for walking at night” That’s good! ” The young people who tried it on kept admiring

Author: Cai Wenqing

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