Puxian labor and social security bureau implements three heart service

1n order to provide more convenient, efficient and high-quality window services for the vast number of service objects, since this year, Puxian labor and Social Security Bureau has insisted on achieving actual results in changing the style of work and optimizing services, made efforts in strengthening the window staff’s service for the people, and actively implemented the “three heart” service with the main content of “warm, comfortable and comfortable” for the masses, We should respect the masses ideologically, be close to the masses emotionally, and serve the masses conveniently, which effectively promotes the in-depth development of the party’s mass line education practice

the bureau implements sunshine service to make the masses warm up. “Six kinds of publicity” shall be implemented for the subject, basis, procedure, condition, time limit of commitment and supervision channel of service matters. The implementation of smiling service, so that the masses “comfortable.”. We should put people first, love the people and benefit the people in our work, pay attention to appearance, standardize civilized language, carry out smiling service, resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of “cold, hard, horizontal and push”, and adhere to the principle of “meeting people, answering questions, sending people when they go, providing service enthusiasm, explaining policies patiently and accepting opinions with an open mind” for the masses. Carry out honest service to make the masses “happy”. Firmly establish the “sense of responsibility, efficiency and service”, further clarify the service standards, standardize the behavior of window staff, and require window staff not to be late and leave early, not to leave the post, not to shirk responsibility and perfunctory, not to abuse power for personal gain, not to take cards. 1n the implementation of the “three heart” service, the Bureau really regards each service object as its own person, regards the difficult affairs of the masses as their own affairs, and wins the masses’ praise with practical actions

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