Pyrotex expands the application field of flame retardant fiber

pyrotex company’s personnel demonstrated the non flammability of high-performance fiber in case of fire on the spot

Business News Agency, May 31 – pyrotex company of Germany exhibited high-performance flame retardant fiber in techtextil, which can be used for personal protection, transportation, interior decoration, high temperature filtration and other industrial uses and fields. 1t is reported that the characteristics of this fiber are that it can be dyed, does not melt in case of high temperature, and can be made into filament or staple and nonwoven materials according to the demand

HT concept company of France launched fiber products with bioceramic composite materials at the exhibition. The clothing made of this material can stimulate muscle tension, improve the balance ability of human body in sports, make the human body burst out more energy in sports, and help the physical recovery after sports. According to reports, the company’s racing suit has been used to equip BMW team

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