Qilu Petrochemical plastics plant starts new year to strengthen safety management

At 8:00 a.m. on January 6, Shen Ke, the shift leader of the styrene workshop of Qilu Petrochemical plastic plant, took over the shift, picked up the kit and walkie talkie, and came to the site for inspection. After carefully checking the pressure and vibration value of lubricating oil of large units such as hydrogen compressor and ethylene compressor, he also carefully checked the operation of anti freezing and anti condensation facilities

“in recent cold days, the equipment process must be more” care “to ensure its safe operation.” Shen Ke believes that the better the production benefit situation is, the more safety work should be done to make the plant increase production and efficiency

in recent years, Qilu Petrochemical plastic plant, aiming at the characteristics of safety production, such as low temperature, increasing production activities brought by the sprint of new year’s production target, has closely linked the key links of safety education, antifreeze and anticoagulation, and mobilized all staff to do a good job in safety production

let everyone consciously ensure safety

it is difficult to organize production in winter, and the situation of safety production is relatively complex and changeable. 1n this regard, Qilu Petrochemical plastic plant takes strengthening education as the key to safety production

they continue to carry out in-depth safety activities for all employees, so that their safety awareness can be continuously improved and strengthened by “speaking out safety experience, writing out safety measures and remembering” safe operation “; The factory innovates safety education measures, regularly compiles accident case materials, organizes employees to learn, especially selects and compiles some accident cases with strong connection with winter safety production, so that employees can learn from them and operate seriously; The factory adopts such measures as “the staff of the factory department go to the workshop to preach safety, the workshop establishes the safety contact point of the team, and the team has a safety heart to heart talk with the team members”, so that the safety concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the safety culture is better rooted. Through educating the staff to pay attention to safety consciously, we really implemented it in action. Recently, during the inspection, we found many hidden dangers in production, such as “the temperature of benzene pump lubricating oil of alkylation raw material in styrene plant rises suddenly”< 1n the process of strengthening safety production, Qilu Petrochemical plastic plant not only focuses on high-pressure, high-density, styrene and other sets of chemical production devices, but also pays close attention to product packaging, storage and other auxiliary systems. All units consciously strengthen management and firmly wear "safety helmets" “before going to work, check your labor protection clothes again, and they must be complete and regular. There are many rotating parts in our packaging post, so female comrades must put their long hair in their work hats to prevent affecting the operation safety. ” At 8:00 a.m. on Januar5, Zhou Zhenghong, the monitor of the finished product workshop of the plastic factory, was carrying out the “safety call” before the shift. 1t is a new measure to strengthen the safety management of the workshop to carry out the “safety shout” before the staff work. At the same time, the finished product workshop also extends the safety skills training to the contractor team for the first time to enhance the safety awareness of the contractor and ensure the safety of its personnel a loading and unloading company in Zibo is a team of contractors engaged in daily production operations in the finished product workshop, mainly assisting the workshop in production emergency operations. 1n daily work, operators often need to enter the reactor for emergency operations such as pneumatic chain saw. Due to the fact that the contractor has not formulated detailed and specific on-site operation procedures before, there is a gap in the safety training of its own personnel, the safety quality and safety operation skills of the operators are uneven, and there are some operation risks, which affect the quality of emergency repair operation to a certain extent in this regard, the finished product workshop adheres to the understanding that there is no “internal and external” difference in safety management, and cooperates with the contractor to strengthen the skills training in safety emergency. First, it collects relevant information, and after careful study, it compiles the safety operation procedures of pneumatic chain saw, which further standardizes the operation steps and enhances the reliability of safety operation; The second is to promote the training of safety operation skills, and carry out special safety skills education for 10 operators of the contractor; The third is to further improve the labor protection equipment for operators, so as to better meet the safety and occupational health needs of operators and ensure safety our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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