Qingdao announced two food and drug safety cases, fined 20000 for failing to reach the standard

A medical supplies company was fined 20000 yuan for unqualified size of medical masks. On the 17th, Qingdao food and Drug Administration issued two typical cases, reminding medical device manufacturers that they must produce products in strict accordance with standards

on Februar4, this year, Qingdao food and drug administration received the inspection order of unqualified products from Shandong food and Drug Administration: the medical surgical masks produced by a medical supplies company in Qingdao were determined to be unqualified. Law enforcement officers conducted on-site inspection on the business address, production site and warehouse of the medical supplies company in Laixi City on February 6

according to the investigation, this medical company produced 828 medical surgical masks of the above batches in January 2016, with 10 pieces in each box, including 12 for inspection, 16 for retention samples and 800 for storage. As of April 2016, all of them had been sold out, and there was no inventory. The sales price was 3.60 yuan / box. After the technical and quality department carried out the investigation on the causes of the defective products, it was confirmed that the equipment operators did not measure the products in time after debugging the equipment. Now the party concerned has provided the medical surgical mask adverse situation report, product recall letter, sample inspection report and department work notice and other supporting materials

after investigation and verification, the value of the above products is 2880.00 yuan, and the illegal income is 2880.00 yuan. 1n violation of the regulations on the supervision and administration of medical devices, the facts of the production of medical surgical masks that do not meet the technical requirements of registered products are clear, the evidence is conclusive, and the investigation procedure is legal. According to the regulations, the Qingdao food and Drug Administration fined him 20000 yuan and ordered him to correct the above illegal acts

on March 16 this year, the law enforcement officers of Qingdao food and drug administration, according to the reporting clues, found out that the 16 bags of “gulemonster coffee beans” being sold by the parties had exceeded the shelf life during the inspection of a catering company in Qingdao; The value of the goods involved was 2816 yuan, and the illegal income was 5829 yuan. The law enforcement personnel consulted the materials such as asking for certificates and tickets, purchasing inspection and registration account according to the law, obtained relevant certificates and evidence, inquired the relevant personnel and made the inquiry record. Law enforcement officers investigate the illegal facts of the parties clearly, the evidence is conclusive, and the procedure is legal. According to the regulations, Qingdao food and Drug Administration confiscates the illegal food; The illegal income of 5829 yuan was confiscated; And a fine of 60000 yuan; At the same time, it shall be ordered to correct the above illegal acts

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