Qingdao first motorcycle fire brigade 50 motorcycles carrying fire extinguishers

1n the face of only 3 meters wide rural dirt road, when there is a fire danger, the fire truck can only stop at the entrance of the village and let the firefighters pick up the water hose and rush to the fire site. Although the main fire fighting equipment is constantly updated, it is not easy to put out the fires in rural areas because most of them occur in kitchens and haystacks

yesterday, the reporter learned from the public security fire brigade of the high tech Zone that in order to solve the above problems, the high tech fire brigade has created a “fire motorcycle” army in the whole province. More than 50 villagers in Hongdao and Hetao streets have been trained to become extra firefighters, who will patrol the fields on motorcycles, To ensure the fire safety of more than 40000 villagers in 17 natural villages and communities in the high tech Zone

50 fire motorcycles to ensure safety

yesterday morning, more than 20 motorcycles were lined up in the compound of shaogezhuang Village Committee on Hongdao street, with each motorcycle carrying a wind-driven fire extinguisher and two dry powder fire extinguishers. 1n the courtyard, Han Deqing, a villager of shaogezhuang village, and 19 other motorcyclists were excited when they looked at the new equipment on the car. Commander Liu Wanzhong, the instructor of the fire brigade of the Public Security Bureau of the high tech Zone, told the reporter that the 20 motorcyclists have been trained by the brigade and the street for many times, and now they are both propagandists of fire knowledge and firefighters

“compared with 110 police cars, our fire engines are too big.” A fire officer told reporters that in order to prevent fire, they also considered patrolling in the village like 110 policemen, but the cost of fuel consumption of fire engines is too high, and it may also block the rural roads which are not wide. The 20 motorcyclists, in addition to the busy farming season, usually take on the work of greening and road maintenance. 1n the daytime, the motorcycles will not leave their bodies. 1t is most appropriate for them to take on the work of discovering and putting out the initial fire” 1n the initial stage, the fire is not big. 1f it can be put out, it will be put out at the scene. 1f it is too big, the fire department can be informed as soon as possible. ” The police officer told reporters that motorcycle firefighters will be equipped with walkie talkies. When one person rushes to the initial fire scene, he shouts in the walkie talkie, and other people around can support him at any time

five minutes to grab the gold from the last 50 meters

at about 11 am yesterday, the reporter saw at the door of Liu aifang, a villager in shaogezhuang village, that the dirt road is only more than 3 meters wide, and the narrowest alley on the right side of the door is less than 2 meters. But the smallest rescue vehicle on the squadron is als2.5 meters wide. A firefighter told reporters that once Liu aifang’s neighbor’s house caught fire, the most advanced fire engine could only stop on the road outside the village, pick up more than 50 meters long hose and run to the fire

“in rural areas, fire prevention and extinguishing are still inseparable from the equipment and methods of” millet plus rifle. ” Liu Wanzhong said that motorcycles could arrive as soon as possible where these fire engines could not get close to. Most rural fires occur in kitchens and haystacks in the fields. 1n the face of incipient fires, the equipment on motorcycles is enough to deal with them

“when the fire squadron goes to the police, the” big guy “weighing dozens of tons may be blocked on the road at any time.” Liu Wanzhong said that they had tested that these fire motorcycles could snatch at least five minutes of prime time for the first fire fighting and save more lives and property

more than 40000 residents benefited from it

“this is the first motorcycle fire engine to put out the initial fire in the province.” Firefighters told reporters that there are already 50 Motorcycle fire brigade in two streets of Hongdao and Hetao. After the establishment and operation of the team, the community residents have responded positively and the masses have actively participated in the fire inspection to find hidden dangers. At present, more than 40000 residents in 17 natural villages and communities in two streets of the high tech Zone have benefited from it

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