QR code on safety helmet becomes a new fashion on construction site

“Before entering the construction site, everyone should put on their safety helmets and stick the two-dimensional code to the left.” Recently, at the project site of Tianjin sanfangjian Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., the group leader of migrant workers counted the number of people on duty relying on the QR code on the safety helmet. 1n many construction sites in Tianjin, the two-dimensional code on the safety helmet began to become popular and became a new fashion. With such a QR code, the information of migrant workers can be seen at a glance in the project department

Tianjin sanfangjian Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. implements the “one card, one person” real name system on the construction site, pastes the QR code containing their own information on the safety helmet of each migrant worker, which is convenient for personnel management, makes the project department better grasp the attendance of migrant workers, and provides strong guarantee for the company’s accurate management

a migrant worker from huishuiyuan Project Department of Tianjin eco city of China Railway Construction Engineering Group said: “the two-dimensional code on the safety helmet is our” 1D card “. There are records of clocking in and out of work, so we are no longer afraid of wage disputes with contractors.” Last year, the project department pasted a two-dimensional code on the safety helmets of migrant workers, which solved the problem of their difficulty in protecting their rights and providing evidence. After the personal information of migrant workers is made into two-dimensional code, it is connected with the site access control information management system. When you scan the QR code with your mobile phone, you can see the name, 1D card, team and type of work at a glance

with this two-dimensional code information management system, the project department can understand the dynamics of migrant workers in real time” 1n the past, when working in other construction sites, the team leader would draw a hook on the attendance list. Now every day when 1 go in and out of the construction site, 1 brush the QR code. There are records on the information platform. The work planning information is convenient, scientific and real. ” A person in charge of the project department said

in the project Department of Tianjin Tianhui center, the innovative application of two-dimensional code technology and the establishment of “one hat, one code” system for workers have become the new achievements of the project department in implementing the annual theme of “innovation management”. The person in charge of the project department said that the two-dimensional code on the safety helmet can not only reflect the real situation of the safety training of on-site workers, but also dynamically manage the workers, accurately grasp the number of on-site workers and daily working hours, so as to provide data support and reference for the preparation of quota, wage payment, labor subcontracting cost settlement, etc

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