Quanzhou Shandong Chamber of Commerce established to promote the development of shoe industry

on the afternoon of September 9, the ceremony for the establishment of Shandong Chamber of Commerce in Quanzhou was solemnly held in Quanzhou Hotel, Fujian Province. This is the only Shandong Chamber of Commerce in Fujian Province, which is spontaneously organized by enterprises. At the same time, the ceremony also means that Shandong businessmen have settled down in Quanzhou

“the Confucianists’ thought of making profit by profit and Quanzhou people’s spirit of fighting and daring to win collide with a fiery spark in the land of Haixi.”. Wang Yajun, head of the United Front Work Department of Quanzhou City, said that Quanzhou, Fujian Province, which has been known as “Zou Lu on the seashore” since ancient times, has the same cultural heritage as Shandong Province. At present, Quanzhou has chambers of Commerce in Jinan, Qingdao and other places in Shandong Province. The establishment of Quanzhou Shandong Chamber of Commerce will be more conducive to promoting the sustainable economic development of the two places< On the day of the conference, Cao Peili, the first president of Quanzhou Shandong Chamber of Commerce, said: "in recent years, Shandong enterprises have grown rapidly in Quanzhou and become an important force in the Economic Zone on the west side of the Straits and Quanzhou's economic development.". Quanzhou's GDP ranked first in Fujian Province for 11 consecutive years, and its private economy is developed. "The location of chamber of Commerce here is to learn from the spirit of Fujian businessmen who love to fight and dare to win with the help of Quanzhou's mature market environment.". He said that the establishment of the chamber of Commerce has further optimized and integrated the resources of Shandong businessmen in a decentralized state, which is conducive to the joint efforts of Fujian and Shandong to create economic brilliance< 1t is reported that the enterprise members and individual members of Quanzhou Shandong Chamber of commerce are all over southern Fujian, including Qingdao Shuangxing, Jordan (China) sports, Qilu Securities and other well-known enterprises, involving chemical industry, synthetic leather, textile and footwear industry, real estate decoration, financial investment and many other industries and fields

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