Quanzhou shoe enterprises “walk on two legs” to cope with export

recently, most Quanzhou enterprises participating in the Canton fair said: “the export situation next year will be more complicated.” They expressed their worries about the foreign trade situation next year. According to a spring enterprise participating in the exhibition this time, what they are most worried about at present are three major problems: the decline of orders received next year, the continued appreciation of RMB, and the continued high price of raw materials. “1f the external economy cannot maintain stability, the superimposed pressure on export enterprises will be greater.”

using settlement tools to lock in risks

“many enterprises have no idea whether the RMB will further appreciate next year, and dare not produce orders with a cycle of more than three months.” Chen, manager of a foreign trade company in Quanzhou, said that the unstable exchange rate makes it difficult for enterprises to grasp when quoting prices to customers. “1f the price is too high, customers will lose. 1f the price is too low, the meager profits will be” eaten “by the appreciation of the RMB, and finally end up at a loss.”

“in the short term, most export enterprises can ease the pressure of RMB appreciation by raising prices.” Manager Chen believes that it is impossible for foreign purchasers to accept the price increase request again and again. 1n the long run, it is a better way for export enterprises to cope with the exchange rate changes to switch to the domestic market and realize the “two legs” walk” The domestic market has developed to a relatively mature level, foreign brands have seized the Chinese market, and Quanzhou export enterprises can not only focus on the overseas market. “

industry insiders believe that enterprises can also respond to the appreciation of RMB by changing the way of quotation. 1n addition, we can also use financial instruments such as forward settlement of foreign exchange and currency options to prevent exchange rate risk, timely lock forward exchange rate and avoid the risk of large fluctuations of exchange rate, so as to ensure income

upgrading products and expanding channels

“this year, most Quanzhou export enterprises have sufficient orders, and the” replenishment of inventory “in developed countries such as Europe and the United States is an important reason. 1t can be predicted that the” replenishment of inventory “orders from Europe and the United States will decrease next year.” General manager Guo of Wuzhou Ceramics Co., Ltd. told reporters that in the process of communicating with new and old foreign customers participating in the Canton Fair, he found that some European customers were more cautious in negotiating orders than in the first half of the year. Some customers said that the number of orders will be reduced next year

in the face of the possible reduction of orders next year, it is an urgent task for export enterprises to make market planning ahead of time” Now foreign buyers pay more attention to the novelty and innovation of product style than price. ” General manager Guo said that more than 80% of the exhibits they brought to the fair were new models. One group of exhibits with Chinese classic beauty printed on the appearance were favored by customers because of their unique “Chinese elements.” the profits of ordinary products are very meager, and the profits of products with independent brands will be higher. Therefore, in recent years, enterprises have actively promoted their own brands in Egypt and other Middle East markets, And achieved positive results< 1n the face of this year's rising price of raw and auxiliary materials, we mainly reduce the cost pressure through group purchasing of raw and auxiliary materials and "reducing the price by quantity" According to the relevant person in charge of a furniture export enterprise in our city, customers have different requirements for raw and auxiliary materials for each furniture export order. Usually, after customers place an order, the enterprise will choose the supplier with the most suitable price and quality, place all the raw material orders to the same supplier, and strive for a larger bargaining space by placing a large order industry insiders suggest that enterprises in clothing, luggage and other industries can reduce costs by replacing fabrics with similar quality but cheaper prices. “Powerful enterprises can solve the problem of rising prices of raw materials by investing in upstream raw material manufacturers and independently developing new alternative fabrics.” export transformation should follow the “wind vane” the Canton Fair is not only the “barometer” of China’s foreign trade situation, but also the “wind vane” of enterprises’ export. 1n addition to harvesting orders, the biggest harvest of participating enterprises is to identify the “wind direction” to determine the product R & D direction and enterprise development strategy the unpredictable foreign market prospect, the unstable RMB exchange rate and the high pressure of raw material cost are the three strong winds that the Canton Fair blows to Quanzhou’s export enterprises. The bosses of Quanzhou’s enterprises feel the coolness from them, and their judgment of the foreign trade situation in the coming year is more complicated and difficult in the face of the new situation, the countermeasures put forward by enterprises can be described as “Eight 1mmortals crossing the sea, each showing his own magic power”, and whether they are effective or not remains to be tested by the market. However, all changes are closely related to their origin. Based on the views of experts, we believe that most export enterprises should pay attention to and think about the following two points “walk on two legs” — the 12th Five year plan just released points out the direction for export enterprises. 1n the future, China’s economic development will focus on improving people’s income, which will greatly activate the domestic demand market. Enterprises focus on the business opportunities brought by consumption upgrading, thus finding a cornucopia in the future “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” — the prospect of global economic recovery is not clear, but the emerging markets represented by “BR1Cs” have a strong momentum of development. Actively exploring emerging markets is the “fulcrum” for export enterprises to leverage the new growth pole

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