Quanzhou shoes and clothing industry has become a “diamond mine”

“Quanzhou is not only a ‘rich mine’, but also a ‘diamond mine’ for venture capital.” Learning that Quanzhou held a mobilization meeting to promote the listing of enterprises and improve the management level, many venture capital companies said that with the government’s efforts to promote the listing of enterprises, Quanzhou will usher in a new round of listing climax, and the venture capital institutions can also share the sense of achievement in creating wealth. As Wei Ru, the investment director of Lenovo, a famous domestic investment institution, commented, the company listed Quanzhou in the East China area, which is a “rich mine” for investment, and Quanzhou may be a “diamond mine” in this area in the future

build confidence for the listing of enterprises

the “marriage” between venture capital and enterprises is to expect high risk returns. As for the mobilization meeting, Wei Ru, who is far away in Shanghai, has learned the news from friends in Quanzhou” The government has done something very worthy of recognition and respect. ” On the phone, she could not hide her joy, saying that the government, through its own influence and through the public platform, has further promoted the concept of actively listing outstanding enterprises

not only venture capital institutions are happy to see the mobilization meeting, but also Chen Zhimin, investment director of e fund in Guangzhou, is asking about the mobilization meeting. Last month, he just came to Quanzhou to attend the 2010 China Quanzhou 1nvestment Forum and the seminar on promoting the listing of enterprises jointly sponsored by the municipal government and the provincial securities regulatory bureau. As for the major actions of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, he said that Quanzhou “wants to be ahead and do it ahead”. 1t is precisely in this way that Quanzhou can withstand the test of the financial crisis. The number of enterprises with an output value of over 100 million yuan in Quanzhou has increased instead of decreasing, from 804 to 925

“there are many Quanzhou enterprises with good performance, but some historical problems have not been clarified, and entrepreneurs have more concerns.” Chen Zhimin said that the problems encountered by Quanzhou entrepreneurs also appear in other regions. Quanzhou Municipal Party committee and municipal government hold a mobilization meeting at this time to pass on relevant support policies, so as to build confidence and determination for enterprises

hope to establish a “ground connection” platform

before the Spring Festival, Wei Ru appeared in Quanzhou. Many people are surprised that some high-level figures from famous domestic investment institutions come to Quanzhou” Before and after the Spring Festival, 1 have visited Quanzhou three times. ” Wei Ru told reporters that venture capital companies generally place high hopes on Quanzhou. After the mobilization meeting, their expectations for Quanzhou will be higher than before. She said with a smile, in the future to Quanzhou may be more frequent< At present, more and more growth enterprises are favored by investment funds. Wei Ru is particularly optimistic about Quanzhou shoes and hats, clothing and equipment manufacturing industry. Shoes and hats, clothing are necessities of life, "China has a huge market of 1.3 billion people, and Quanzhou enterprises have established their own brands and channels, with a strong expansion capacity.". The equipment manufacturing industry is focused on the development space of the industry. However, she said that the docking of venture capital institutions and Quanzhou enterprises needs advantageous intermediary services, and she expected Quanzhou to have more "ground connection" platforms to provide the docking of venture capital and enterprises according to people familiar with the matter, not only Lenovo investment, but also 1DG investment institutions with international capital background and today’s capital, which focuses on China’s growth enterprises, have come here frequently in recent years. 1n the interview, many investment institutions are optimistic about the investment value of Quanzhou enterprises, saying that in the future, they will increase the research on Quanzhou enterprises and increase the investment in Quanzhou enterprises

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