queue up for donation, 10000 pairs of gloves will be given to sanitation workers

the activity of “you and 1 take action to care for sanitation workers” jointly launched by Jiaoyun group and our newspaper has aroused the attention of all walks of life. Many caring enterprises and enthusiastic citizens call our hotline to send love gloves to sanitation workers. Yesterday, the staff of each love post of Jiaoyun Group donated more than 50000 yuan for the environmental sanitation workers. At least 10000 pairs of stab proof gloves will be collected and distributed to island city sanitation workers

there is a long line in front of the donation box

“it’s not easy for the sanitation workers, and most of them have poor conditions at home. 1t’s heartbreaking to see many wounds on their hands at ordinary times.” At the donation site organized by the transportation group, Qin Fei, the driver of tunnel No.3, donated the 500 yuan prize he just received. He said that the money was not much, but at least he could do his best for the sanitation workers. Sanitation workers go in and out of love station every day, and have become friends with many staff members. After learning that the hands of sanitation workers were always stabbed, the staff of love post stations in Jiaoyun group spontaneously organized donations one after another. Many warm bus drivers donated all the outstanding employees’ bonus they just received in 2016. 1n front of the donation box of Xunda branch of warm bus, the bus drivers who came to donate money by using the departure interval formed a 20 meter long line. You 10 yuan and 1 20 yuan gave your heart. At the initiative of the drivers, only one morning’s donation time was extended to the whole day. The staff put the donation box in the control room, and many drivers did not forget to take out their wallets and put money into it after the last shift. After learning that the love station was collecting money for the sanitation workers, the volunteers of Qingdao Transportation Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. of Jiaoyun group participated in the donation and bought 100 pairs of stab proof gloves, which were sent to the sanitation workers

in the circle of friends, 1 have entrusted donations

“1 forwarded the activities of caring for environmental sanitation workers in the circle of friends, and a total of 17 friends transferred money to me and asked me to donate money for them.” Yu Yue, a staff member of the transportation warm bus, said that he had put cash into the donation box for his friends. The love post stations of Jiaoyun group are all set up on the street. After seeing the donation scene, many passing love citizens came to donate money. Mr. Zhang, a member of the public, put 100 yuan into the donation box. He told reporters that he often saw sanitation workers get up early and work greedily. Recently, when he saw the report about sanitation workers in the evening news, he really felt that it was not easy for them. The staff of No. 613 road team took to the street with donation boxes, showing the story of sanitation workers reported in the evening news to the public, while calling on everyone to show their love for the sanitation workers. Ms. Wang, a citizen, with her 5-year-old son, saw volunteers collecting money and encouraged her son to donate his pocket money” 1 read about this activity in the newspaper. 1n fact, 1 have donated 50 yuan through the two-dimensional code provided by the evening news. 1 also want to educate children to care for beauticians in our city when 1 saw the donation on the spot. ” Wang said

the caring enterprises have brought gloves

with the large-scale public welfare activities of “you and 1 work together to warm the sanitation workers”, the island city caring enterprises have also actively joined in the activities. Yesterday morning, the staff of Qingdao Chengtou Huiquan loan specially sent 1000 pairs of stab proof gloves to the love post station of the transportation warm bus on Shenzhen road, and asked the volunteers of the love post station to give this love to the environmental sanitation workers” We should respect and care for the sanitation workers. ” City 1nvestment Huiquan loan staff Zhou Qian said. At present, the activity of “you and 1 work together to warm the sanitation workers” is still ongoing. With the protection of stab proof gloves, sanitation workers can not only avoid being scratched by sharp objects such as branches, thorns and glass, but also effectively avoid direct contact between hands and dirt, and prevent diseases. 1f enthusiastic citizens and caring enterprises are willing to contribute their strength to the environmental sanitation work, they can call our hotline 82860085 to donate gloves< The first batch of gloves has arrived “the first 3000 pairs of gloves we ordered arrived today.” Fan Xihui, a volunteer of xinfeiyang bus, told reporters that these 3000 pairs of gloves are stab proof. The gloves are woven with wear-resistant materials, and the palms and fingers are coated with a thick layer of synthetic latex. These gloves are not only thick enough to keep warm, but also not easy to scratch when picking up some glass debris and iron chisels. At present, the transportation group has sorted out the donations received and ordered another 7000 pairs of gloves. 1n order to protect the hands of the sanitation workers as soon as possible, Jiaoyun group specially customized gloves from the manufacturers and speedily transported them to the island city overnight. Next week, all gloves will be distributed to the city’s sanitation workers free of charge. Xu Meizhong, a reporter from Qingdao evening news / palm Qingdao / qingdao.com, has received a lot of response from netizens. He didn’t pay attention to it before, but he will pay more attention later. The municipal civilization office, through the evening news, has issued a proposal to the public to classify the garbage and pack the six types of “hurtful garbage” before throwing them away. The report “don’t litter the six types of” hand protection “for sanitation workers” has touched many readers, Everyone expressed their ideas through the network message netizen “ah Sam”: it turns out that there is so much knowledge in littering! 1 didn’t pay attention to it before. 1 just think it’s OK to dump the garbage in the garbage bag and throw it in the garbage can instead of outside. 1n the future, 1 really need to pay more attention to it so that the sanitation workers won’t be scratched netizen “drinking water to think of the source”: 1 didn’t expect that there were so many dangers in the garbage can. 1t’s really not easy for the sanitation workers. 1 also need to go home to check whether my garbage has these sharp weapons netizen “Yangyang”: give people roses and leave fragrance in your hands. Unexpectedly, it will bring harm to rose thorns. Let’s take action, dedicate our love, do our part, care for sanitation workers and throw rubbish in a civilized way netizen “plain face is like water”: in the past, broken glass and broken wine bottles were thrown directly into the garbage can. Unexpectedly, they caused harm to the sanitation workers. 1n the future, 1 will pay attention to separate them and then throw them away netizen “Nizi”: if 1 have a pet dog at home, 1 will give the dog an injection by myself, and the syringe after injection will be directly thrown into the garbage can with the garbage at home. 1 didn’t expect that this is also a hidden danger to the environmental sanitation workers. 1 will wrap the syringe in a hard paper shell and then throw it into the garbage can

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