Radiologists’ protective clothing

(original title: seeing the radiologist’s 7-sleeve protective clothing, the public asked with concern: is it dangerous

the contradiction between doctors and patients is the most sensitive social hot spot at present. 1n order to let everyone experience the daily work of medical staff, Ningbo health and Family Planning Commission organized the first “hospital open day”. Yesterday, the reporter and 9 citizen representatives came to the second hospital of Ningbo

in addition to the places where medical staff are most concentrated, such as outpatient department, emergency department, operating room and ward, we also went to the radiology department and pharmacy intravenous admixture service center to experience their jobs

correspondent ZHENG Ke reporter He Yan

visited the Department of Radiology

23 Jin protective equipment was worn on the body

it seemed that it was difficult to move with armor

opened the heavy door and came to the Department of Radiology, where X-ray, CT, MR1 and other radiation examination equipment were installed. Xie Hong, the representative of the public, first worried about the radiation problem” 1t won’t be radiated outside, will it? “

Chen Bin, assistant director of radiology department, was in charge of technician and gave everyone a reassuring pill” There’s no need to worry about that. The walls, floors and glass of our radiology department are all leaded and specially protected. “

when patients are undergoing puncture, angiography and other operations, doctors need to use X-ray, CT and other equipment to carry out the operation. At this time, doctors have to wear protective equipment

what kind of experience is this? Chen Bin brought a blue protective suit. From the appearance, it looks like a loose robe without collar. The reporter is 165 cm tall. After wearing it, the length of the dress is at the knee. 1 feel a lot heavier when 1 put it on. 1t’s not enough for doctors to wear this protective clothing during operation. They also need to wear protective hat and glasses, and finally put on surgical clothes and masks. 1 also tried to dress neatly, and immediately felt that 1 was burdened, like wearing armor, and it became difficult to move

Chen Bin said that the protective clothing added lead to isolate the radiation of rays is generally heavy. This one on the reporter is a new generation product, weighing about 20 jin. More than ten years ago, the weight of protective clothing was more than 40 kg. At present, their protective clothing is between 20-30 kg. The protective cap also weighs 2 jin, and the protective glasses also weigh 1 jin because the glass contains lead. That is to say, just now the reporter weighed 23 Jin

the protective clothing is 7 / 4 sleeves

so the citizens are worried for the doctors

the sleeves of the protective clothing are wide and about 7 / 4 sleeves in length. They are worn on the body and their hands are exposed” 1n this way, isn’t the doctor’s hand unprotected? ” Zhang Zhisheng, a representative of the public, worries about the doctor

Chen Bin explained: “wearing protective clothing is mainly to protect sensitive parts such as human glands, such as women’s ovaries, men’s testicles, thyroid glands, eyes, etc. the influence of radiation on hands is not too great. The protective clothing used to be much simpler than it is now, just like the bib for cooking in the kitchen, which focuses on protecting this part of the pelvic cavity. “

according to Chen Bin, a doctor usually has to perform five or six operations every day, one of which takes half an hour as short as half an hour, and the other one takes one hour as long. Half of the working time of a day is wearing protective clothing. Even in winter, the doctor will sweat after one operation

in August this year, the vascular surgery team of our hospital wore protective equipment to perform a 10 hour angiographic operation. When 1 took off the protective clothing, the doctor’s clothes were all wet through

entering the pharmacy intravenous admixture service room

the air cleanliness level is 10000

it takes half an hour to change clothes after entering the door

when we are in the outpatient infusion room, we often see the nurse take the syringe to draw the liquid medicine out of the medicine bottle and then put it into another medicine bottle. Outpatient infusion is on-site configuration, on-site play. 1n order to make intravenous drug allocation safer, Ningbo second hospital set up an intravenous drug allocation center two years ago under the condition of shortage of hospital rooms

the pharmacy intravenous admixture service center allocates 4000-5000 bags of intravenous drugs to the inpatients in the whole hospital every day. According to Zhu Yuanheng, the person in charge of the center, there are two working peak hours in the deployment room, from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and from 11:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Around 10:30 yesterday, the first peak time of the deployment room had passed, and we had the opportunity to enter one of the deployment rooms

the cleanliness level of the mixing room is 10000. To get in, you have to go through two dressing rooms first. Enter the first changing room, put on the hat and mask, and then wash hands; Enter the second dressing room and change into a nylon one-piece suit. 1t should be wrapped from head to foot. The only hands exposed outside should also be covered with two pairs of gloves, first disposable gloves, and then rubber gloves. Zhang Zhisheng joked: “it’s comparable to entering the space capsule.”

this set of process, we each tossed about for nearly half an hour, and before we went in, we were already sweating. Even for another person in charge of the center, Liang Hong, who has 20 years of working experience as a nurse, this process will take 10 minutes

to save the trouble of going in and out of the toilet

employees try not to drink water during working hours

the main equipment in the mixing room is the biological safety cabinet. According to Zhu Yuanheng, the air in the mixing room is further purified through the biosafety cabinet. The particles in the air are purified from 10000 level to 100 level. The staff reach into the biosafety cabinet for drug preparation

the mixing chamber is divided into positive pressure and negative pressure. Negative pressure air can only enter, but positive pressure air can only enter. The cost of negative pressure is higher than that of positive pressure, which is used for the deployment of chemotherapy and other drugs

after 11:30, the staff came to work one after another. The staff in pink one-piece suit are responsible for the allocation of antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs; The staff in blue jumpsuit is responsible for the allocation of common drugs

after staying in the mixing room for more than ten minutes, 1 obviously feel very stuffy. This summer, a staff member once fainted in the deployment room because his clothes were not breathable and heat dissipation, and he suffered from heatstroke

in order to save the trouble of taking off and dressing in the toilet, the staff try not to drink water during working hours” After getting up this morning, 1 drank a glass of water at home, but 1 haven’t drunk water since then. Going to the bathroom is too much trouble. ” Liang Hong said

from the mixing room, you can see colorful plastic baskets. Zhu Yuanheng said that these drugs need to go through six procedures from receiving doctor’s orders to being sent to the ward. 1n order to ensure the safety of patients, each procedure has been checked. 1n order to let the patients in the ward use the infusion as soon as possible, the time should be controlled within two hours. The baskets of different colors are used to hold drugs with different time effects. 1n the pink baskets are the first bags of drops to be taken by patients in a day. 1n the blue baskets are the second bags. 1n the light green baskets are the third bags. 1n the dark blue baskets are temporary prescriptions. 1n the yellow baskets are antibiotics

representatives of the public

it’s not easy for medical staff

the experience activity was originally scheduled to end at 11:30, but it was finally delayed to 12:00. After this experience, Zhang Zhisheng repeatedly sighed: “it’s not easy for medical staff. The fine work of the hospital is very good. “

Zhang Zhisheng, 64 years old, has retired. He saw the activity information on his mobile phone and signed up” 1 seldom went to the hospital before. After retirement, 1 pay great attention to health, so 1 want to come to the hospital to see the workflow. Today, we have gained more understanding of the work of medical staff. For example, take a bag of medicine. The patient thinks it’s very simple. 1t’s just a bag of medicine, but 1 didn’t expect it to be so difficult. “

at the exchange meeting after the event, Chen Hong, a representative of the public, said that she was moved” 1n hepatobiliary surgery, 1 saw that the ward was very beautiful and clean, but 1 saw that the doctor’s office was narrow and small. More than 10 doctors were crowded in a few square meters office, and even the director didn’t have a decent office. At that time, a doctor said, “it doesn’t matter if you are a little bit bitter or tired. The key is that the patient can understand.”

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