Rapid development of Wenzhou shoe supply chain

according to the relevant personage of Wenzhou shoe leather industry, last year, the annual output value of Wenzhou shoe industry was 70 billion yuan, the export value of footwear products reache2.754 billion US dollars, and Wenzhou shoes have been exported to more than 150 countries and regions. Last year, Wenzhou made a total of 1.286 billion pairs of shoes, accounting for 11.7% of the 11 billion pairs of shoes produced nationwide in a year. Last year, Wenzhou’s annual output of shoes exceeded 1.2 billion pairs, accounting for one tenth of the country

it is understood that at present, the industry chain of Wenzhou shoe industry is relatively perfect, and the supporting products involve all fields needed for manufacturing, such as shoe material, sole, shoe line, shoe machine, packaging, printing, etc. Relying on this set of “fast supply chain”, Wenzhou shoe industry is developing rapidly. Customers can order a pair of shoes from large shoe enterprises in Wenzhou, which can be made in 18 hours at the fastest. 1t will take at least three days for shoe-making enterprises in other parts of China to complete the same task

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