Reasonable price of labor protection shoes?

How much should a pair of labor protection shoes cost

many people will mention this issue. 1n fact, the price of labor protection shoes is determined by the materials used in each component of labor protection shoes, the functions of labor protection shoes, the workmanship of labor protection shoes and their brand awareness. The first three are the main factors that basically determine the price of labor protection shoes

the main materials of labor protection shoes are the uppers and soles, and the different materials of uppers determine the price of labor protection shoes to a great extent. For example: is the upper made of cow leather or PU leather, or other materials, imported cow leather or domestic cow leather, the thickness of cow leather, what kind of cow leather is it, the piece of cow leather on the cow, etc. The sole material mainly depends on which kind of material is used. At present, there are more rubber soles, PU soles, TPU soles, etc

the labor protection shoes that need to be used in different workplaces have different functions, so the functions of labor protection shoes can be divided into: toe protection shoes, anti puncture shoes, electrical insulation shoes, anti-static shoes, acid and alkali resistant shoes, etc. Labor protection shoes belong to personal protective equipment, mainly play a protective role on the feet of workers, with high-tech content and high added value

the workmanship of labor protection shoes is very important. With good upper and sole materials and without good production process, the labor protection shoes produced will not be easy to use and durable. The production of labor protection shoes has high requirements for raw materials, accessories, chemicals, machinery and equipment, so different materials, different performance of labor protection shoes, different workmanship and different brands all determine the different prices of labor protection shoes. This is the reason why the prices of the same style and different brands may have great differences

the principle of selection is: only buy good ones, not expensive ones, and choose labor protection shoes with high cost performance suitable for your own operation according to the specific use environment and protection needs

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