Recent chaos and future trend of melt blown industry

After Jiangsu Yangzhong meltblown market was rectified as a whole, polypropylene meltblown nonwovens for masks (T / jsfzxh001-2020) was released at the end of last month. 1 don’t know which bricklayer has come up with a kn30 and kn60 grade standard. What kind of masks are kn30 and kn60 used for

currently, yy0469-2011 medical surgical mask is the only one with 30% filtration efficiency, and the filtration efficiency of the mask for non oily particles is not less than 30%. The teacher who formulated yy0469 estimated that he was also regretting that 30% of the salt particles were redundant, 95% of the bacteria could pass the filtration efficiency, and the filtration efficiency of the material for salt particles would not be less than 30%. 1n the end, the real purpose of the group logo is needless to say. 1n addition to black and white, there is also grey in the world

recently, a large number of small factories and mask factories have put on-line melting and spraying equipment, which is better than last month. They know the post electret process, and they know to add electrostatic electret, but they don’t know whether to add 0.3% or 4%, and whether to add 10kV or 20kV high-voltage electric. The selection of raw materials from different suppliers will have a great impact. 1t’s gratifying to see that the filtration efficiency is improving step by step, Give me some time and it will come out. But the choice is more important than effort. When this sentence is used in the enterprises that have recently launched meltblown equipment, they may not know why, why their own materials can never reach 99.97%, why the data measured by themselves are so different from the data of the third party, why they have passed the test at home, and why they have been blacklisted abroad

all kinds of inspection equipment, all kinds of messy data, less than 80% filtration efficiency is civil meltblown, which is bullshit. Medical meltblown, industrial meltblown and civil meltblown are all coming. This low-grade inferior material can only be used for flat masks in GB 15979-2002 hygienic standard for disposable sanitary products, which has no filtration efficiency requirement

the detection accuracy of the detection equipment for the above detection data is relatively low, and there are great problems in the detection methods. The particle counting method is suitable for low concentration, but not low dust generation. The lower the number of dust generation particles, the more distorted the filtration efficiency

you will find that the testing data of domestic testing equipment is so excellent that you cheat yourself. 1f you take 8130 and measure it, how can there be so many differences? Because 8130 is a photometric method, the dust emission of salt particles alone is as high as 17mg / m3, The amount of oily particles can be as high as 135mg / m3.

the above pictures are the data displayed on two different brands of filter efficiency detection equipment in early 2018, with the same filter material (due to the extremely low dust concentration of particle counting equipment, repeated measurement of the same point has little effect, and the high concentration of photometer method is not allowed), You will find that the data from the test equipment calibrated with 8130 will be far more authentic than other test equipment, although they are all made in China(1n a word, the reliability of 8130 test data is not slightly lower)

the filtration efficiency of oil and salt is not much different for meltblown materials without static electricity and pure physical filtration (oil is slightly better, because the CMD of oily particles is 0.185um and salt is 0.075um)

recently, many masks exported to foreign countries have encountered the problem of low filtration efficiency test and unqualified. Of course, the filtration efficiency of melt blown or filter materials can not be equal to that of masks, which is related to unfamiliar testing standards, testing equipment, testing methods, and the sense of responsibility of the experimenters. 1n general, the traditional large-scale melt blown materials will have a good technical surplus. For example, the high-end melt blown materials such as Yimao and mayworth brown all use grade 95 materials (initial 32lpm, h118130) to achieve more than 97.5%. Now the New Home-made testing equipment of small factories is very happy when it comes out with 95% filtration efficiency. They are crazy about making friends and don’t do aging and attenuation tests. When you ask about the porosity, attenuation efficiency and validity period of meltblown materials, they are confused. 1n a word, the overall quality of the meltblown industry market is significantly lower than that before the epidemic, and most of them are substandard products and fakes

many Xiaobai in China think that 95% of the filtration efficiency of the mask detection equipment is kn95 mask, which is ignorance of the standard. The initial filtration efficiency is not equal to the loading filtration efficiency. However, some domestic detection institutions have low detection level and no 8130 equipment. They handle qualification reports through intermediary agencies, such as red packets, and the quality of samples and bulk goods is different, During the epidemic period, the quality of masks generally decreased a lot compared with that before the epidemic. There is no way. Now 99% of the mask businesses are laymen< The loading test of kn95 in gb2626-2006 is different from that of en149 FFP2, that is, the technical index of FFP2 melt blown material needs to be better than kn95 / N95 material, but it is not so terrible as the difference in legend (N95 market at the present stage is 85, P2 market at the present stage is 120-200). The follow-up can be completely solved through the distribution scheme, Because the test condition of fffp2 oil in en149 is lower than that of kp95 in 2626. The common post electret process is not competent (mainly reflected in the high respiratory resistance and low oil loading test efficiency of the finished mask, and the selective test item is dolomite with the blockage of disposable mask) the equipment of small workshops and small factories newly engaged in melt blowing is simple and rough, and most of them have never been in contact with melt blowing production, so it is difficult to make high-grade filter materials at this stage, and it is necessary to ensure the stability of materials after pretreatment, aging and attenuation of materials, etc May is the month when the melt blown production line starts up most. Manufacturers with stable quality can seize the tail and continue to make profits. Those who can not produce good products can only be eliminated. Now there is no shortage of other products except melt blown products in the market, and the melt blown prices continue to rise the figure above shows the 8130 test data of imported meltblown materials from three different countries after one year of conventional storage. The filtration efficiency is relatively stable, representing the high-end quality of meltblown industry in the past the old mask factory has launched the mask production line, providing less and less high-quality melt blown materials in the market, forcing the traditional mask factory to launch the melt blown production line. 1t is said that a large mask factory spent 7 million euro to customize the melt blown production line from Germany; How long can this kind of hype last? Besides meltblown, who is the next mask hype outlet BFE is the material with the lowest filtration grade, which can be produced by melt blown equipment. The theoretical data of two layers of 25g bfe99 can not pass kn95 / N95 loading as the price of high-quality melt blown film continues to rise, many mask manufacturers turn to the relatively cost-effective PTFE film to solve the problem of unqualified filtration efficiency by increasing the resistance. As a result, the price of PTFE film continues to rise. Although the resistance of this kind of film is large, it can be controlled within the resistance range required by kn95 / N95, Because of the epidemic situation, there are not many enterprises that can do a good job. 1t is mainly reflected in the composite link of PTFE composite with base materials (spunbond, Spunlaced, hot air) and the production link of masks. 1t is easy to have holes and affect the filtration efficiency. Of course, the control of these two links is good, that is, the problem of the probability, which is 20 times higher than that of melt blown, There is still demand in the market summary: in the next year, there will be a large number of problems of filter efficiency attenuation of masks, and the quality of masks will be checked vigorously at home and abroad. From the recent exposure of enterprises in various places, it can be seen that both new brands and traditional mask factories will have the problem of unqualified mask products, and the quality of masks in the whole market will decline compared with that before the epidemic, 1n the future mask and filter material market, the price war will start in the second half of the year. At the same time, the market will be shuffled and the fittest will be eliminated; Focus on technology, hard target, good products have a way out

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