recently, children often have colds. Wash hands frequently and wear masks to prevent colds

A few days ago, the pediatric clinic of Huli maternal and child health hospital ushered in the peak. Pediatricians remind that parents should pay more attention to the frequent occurrence of colds recently

since March, the climate of our city has been changeable, the number of children with respiratory tract infection has increased, and the number of pediatric outpatients in Huli maternal and child health hospital has continued to grow. 1n order to reduce the rush hour outpatient congestion and cross infection of patients, pediatricians actively give up rest time and work overtime. Some medical staff still stick to their posts for diagnosis and treatment of children with high fever

Dr. Liu Sheng, a pediatrician in our hospital, reminded children and their parents that they should pay attention to the nursing of their children in the cold prone season: develop healthy living habits, have a balanced diet, get enough sleep, exercise moderately, and avoid passive smoking; Close contacts of cold may be infected, so we should pay attention to relative isolation, and use masks; Frequent hand washing is an effective way to reduce cold; 1n cold prone season, you can wear masks to avoid crowded public places; 1f the child’s symptoms worsen, should be timely to the regular hospital, under the guidance of the doctor treatment

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