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Introduction to labor protection products
Labor protection products, as the name suggests, are labor protection products, which are defensive equipment necessary to protect the personal safety and health of workers in the production process, and play a very important role in reducing occupational hazards. . Do not underestimate the role of labor insurance wear, which is actually a matter of life and death. Whether you are engaged in underground operations or surface production, properly wearing labor protection supplies can hold up a safe “protective umbrella” for yourself. In order to achieve an effect, labor protection supplies increase barriers and burdens on the human body. If it is too heavy and cumbersome in order to have a protective effect, not only will people feel uncomfortable and fatigued, but will also affect work efficiency and shorten working hours, thereby affecting the output of work and the economic benefits of the enterprise. It is also very important to choose a brand of labor insurance products. important.
Comprehensive ranking of labor insurance products

Popular labor insurance products brands

Editor’s comment
Because labor insurance products involve personal safety, companies should be extra careful when purchasing them. At present, it is safe. Hats, safety belts, safety nets, flame-retardant protective clothing, electrically insulating shoes, anti-static work shoes and overalls, dust masks, etc. are all included in the scope of industrial product production licenses. Enterprises must apply for industrial product production licenses. Can be produced. Therefore, when purchasing such products, you must recognize the QS mark and check whether there is a production license number next to the mark. After consumers purchase the product, they can check the production license number through the website of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. If it does not match the name of the manufacturer or product, the product quality cannot be guaranteed. The editor recommends that you must first understand what labor insurance supplies are available before purchasing, list the list of labor insurance supplies and their prices, and fill in the labor insurance supplies distribution record form to effectively protect your personal safety.

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