Recommended terms for publicity week of “law on prevention and control of occupational diseases” in 2014

1. Prevention and treatment of occupational diseases, occupational health2. Eliminate occupational hazards and protect workers’ health rights and interests< 1t is the common responsibility of the whole society to protect workers' health< 4. Popularize occupational health knowledge and enhance workers' awareness of protection< 5. Comprehensively promote occupational health and care for workers 6. Occupational health starts from me 7. Respect life and protect workers’ occupational health 8. Prevention and control of occupational diseases is the social responsibility of enterprises< 9. Protect workers' health and build a harmonious society 10. Care for employees, pay attention to health and sustainable development 11. Ensure occupational health and achieve decent work 12 13. More care, more support, the whole society pay attention to the occupational health of workers 14. Prevention is the key to the prevention of occupational diseases 15. 1mplement the responsibility of occupational disease prevention and establish the corporate social image

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