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the 98th China Labor Protection Products Fair (hereinafter referred to as “Labor Protection Fair”) will be held in Shanghai New 1nternational Expo Center from April 20 to 22, 2019

Tianjin Hongqi labor insurance company was founded in 1985 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. 1t is the largest and most powerful company of safety protection products at present. 1ts annual sales volume has exceeded 100 million yuan in 1990, and it has obtained the national 1SO9001 quality management system certification. 1t mainly deals in high-end brands of protection products and safety equipment at home and abroad, Hongqi labor insurance company was awarded the title of “China famous store” by the safety and health protection articles Committee of China Textile Business Association, and was awarded the business unit of “quality reputation” by China Federation of Commerce. 1t not only invests in the development of Shuangan Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., but also owns China’s first labor protection brand – “safety brand” which started in 1956. 1t realizes the integration strategy of trade, science and industry, pays attention to its own enterprise’s R & D ability and enterprise culture construction, and forms a wide range of strategic partners with many excellent enterprises, which has a great influence in the national safety protection products market

thank you for your long-term support and love for the purchasing and supply station of Tianjin Hongqi labor insurance department store. We are grateful to work with you hand in hand. As the general agent of mapa, our company cooperates with France mapa to show its product features

French mapa has accumulated many years of production experience in technology and product development. 1ts products are related to industry, sports, leisure and other fields, and have been transported to all parts of the world

mapa in France is the world’s top supplier of hand protection products, and PPE industry is one of the few suppliers. 1ts excellent workmanship, unparalleled cutting-edge technology and cost performance are comparable with Ansell, the largest supplier of rubber products in the world

Chinese Name: mapa; Mapa is one of the world’s top suppliers of hand protection products. 1t was established in 1948 and produced in Asia in 1982. Mapa professional has taken advantage of their professional and related risks to realize that hand protection is a necessary solution. Because of their research and development institutions. Mapa professional has perfected their products and increased their innovation. New materials, processes and surface treatments… Mapa professional gloves are designed to overcome professional and industrial limitations as well as for protection to meet growing demand and comfort

mapa established in 1948

the first sheep lined gloves made in 1957

the first fabric lined gloves made in 1962

the support of the multi-layer first glove process in 1980

the production activities started in 1982 in Asia

the production activities started in 1997 in Mexico

in 1999 Acquisition of MUCAMBO (Brazil)

the first biological protective gloves launched in 2006

belongs to Neway group, one of the world’s top 500 companies, and Parker pen, NUK maternal and infant products belong to a group

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