Reebok: a good running antelope

RBK hopes that after wearing RBK sports shoes, consumers can gallop in the vast world like the antelope on the South African grassland, and fully enjoy the fun of sports

the original meaning of RBK (Reebok) is originally a kind of antelope in Africa, which is light and good at running. Facts have proved that this brand with a history of more than 100 years has already realized its original intention, and it has done more things that are almost incredible in people’s eyes, such as sports technology that has affected the sports world< 1n 1890, Joseph William Foster, the founder of RBK, made the first pair of running shoes with nails in order to help track and field athletes achieve better results in the competition, which was immediately favored by many track and field athletes. So in the following days, more and more professional athletes and European sports groups began to look for him to make professional sports shoes. However, due to the lack of financial resources and resources, it is difficult for many foster to realize the idea of making sports shoes. However, the Forster running shoes made by him and named after himself are still irreplaceable in the eyes of many athletes at that time in order to make his own shoes help more athletes achieve good results, Joseph William Foster founded the first company named j.w.foster in England in 1895, which specializes in the production and manufacture of sports shoes. Before long, many international famous athletes and sports groups came here, He became a regular customer of foster. After five years of operation, foster finally has the capital and equipment to improve his shoe-making process. At the same time, more and more users’ feedback also shows him the irreplaceable value of running shoes with nails in sports competitions. So he further improved the technology on the basis of the original production, and began to expand and establish his own business scope. The news that foster started mass production of running shoes was immediately widely spread, and many top athletes at that time even found him and asked him to make hand-made products for himself. Forster running shoes, which have long enjoyed a good reputation, are accepted and loved by more and more runners and athletes, and soon occupy a leading position in the market. But perhaps everyone did not expect that this kind of Forster running shoes with small nails in the forefoot has brought historic changes to sprint and track and field, and its influence has lasted for half a century foster and his foster running shoes began to be successful in 1904. Since that year, foster not only helped Everest enter the peak of his career, but also helped many athletes achieve excellent results in the 1908 Glasgow competition. 1n that competition, the athletes wearing foster running shoes set three world records. 1n the following days, foster and foster running shoes have promoted the continuous development of the Olympic Games and professional sports. While producing and making sports shoes, foster has also developed a series of improvement and innovation technologies for sports shoes. The invention of self-test table enables runners to understand the different comfort levels of sports shoes they need new start in 1933, old foster died in England. Before his death, he left his career to his two sons, James and Joan. Young foster family members began to carry on their father’s career and start a new business. But after a long period of time, they did not make the old foster industry to create many praiseworthy achievements with the passage of time, Foster’s successor began to further expand the company’s business scope and develop into other areas of sports. At this time, the grandson of old foster also joined the company, together with other family members, continued to make more comfortable sports shoes for excellent athletes, and focused on designing more lightweight sports shoes to improve the performance of athletes. Joseph and Jeffrey, the other two grandsons of the founder, old foster, also returned to the UK to join the company after their service. The vitality of the younger generation immediately brought new changes to the company. They started from their own reality and combined with the development trend of the sports product industry, established a company operating comprehensive sports products, focusing on football shoes business. 1t was a great boon to the booming football at that time. 1n 1958, inspired by the African antelope, which runs extremely fast among animals, RBK (Reebok) company was officially established< 1n 1979, an outdoor sports product distribution agent named Paul fireman discovered RBK company at an international trade exhibition. RBK's unique European style immediately attracted this businessman with a keen sense of business. He immediately began to negotiate and strive for the distribution license of RBK's products in North America. Soon, his sincerity moved the foster family, and also let the foster family see the great potential to enter the North American market. 1n the same year, they launched three RBK brand running shoes in the United States, and their $60 sports shoes were the most expensive running shoes on the market at that time after that, RBK launched the world’s first pair of women’s rhythmic shoes called free style, which was specially designed for the most popular emerging sports aerobics at that time. Rhythmic shoes with real leather upper and popular elements immediately became the best-selling sports shoes at that time. Many people even choose this kind of shoes to work and live on weekdays. This undoubtedly caused a sensation in the field of fitness, and led to the development of footwear products with fitness and leisure as the demands. RBK also set off three trends to transform the sportswear industry, contributing to the popularity of aerobics, women’s sports, casual sports shoes in the world< 1n 1985, RBK was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. RBK began to become a household name, and with the continuous expansion of corporate capital, RBK successfully became one of the few multinational companies with sports products as the business scope at that time. By the end of 1980s, RBK began to expand its overseas market. Consumers can buy RBK products in more than 170 countries and regions, and the number is rising rapidly in 1987, RBK was a real global sports shoes brand No.1 in terms of product development and sales performance. 1n order to speed up the development and exchange of the brand in the global field, RBK has become an insurance sponsor of the international human rights tour and signed the annual human rights award plan, which aims to reward young people who have made contributions to the cause of human rights all over the world. The comfort, protection, high-tech quality and multiple styles of RBK sports shoes are also favored by sports fans in various countries RBK’s uniqueness has attracted more and more top athletes and sports teams to join in, such as Shaquille O’Neal, tennis wizard Zhang Depei, etc., who were once loyal supporters of RBK. Now, in addition to Yao Ming, 1verson and other top basketball players in the world, RBK has Henry as a top green hero although RBK became a subsidiary of Adidas in 2005, it did not fall into a downturn. With more and more excellent shoes coming out, RBK, a brand that has gone through more than one hundred years, shows its vigorous vitality. Nowadays, whenever people think of all kinds of sports product brands, RBK is undoubtedly the top three among them< As early as the old foster era, RBK, which is famous for its rigorous manufacturing process, has discovered the impact of innovation and technological breakthrough on sports shoes and human sports. For more than 100 years, RBK has always regarded this as the foundation of its brand. 1n its camp, there are many technologies worth remembering, which sometimes seem unknown, but sometimes seem independent and different. But in any case, these RBK research and development of successful technology in today's competitive sports shoes world occupies an important position can not be ignored in 1937, foster company put forward the revolutionary idea of disposable running shoes. The sole is made of a layer of extremely light rubber, which can be thrown away after use. Therefore, in the competition, athletes must prepare three pairs of sports shoes, one for the preliminary, one for the semi-final and one for the final. But the reduced weight of running shoes for track and field athletes has a great help, they can play a better level in the game. Until today, athletes participating in the Tianjing competition will still wear such soled shoes, so they have to prepare at least 3 pairs of such running shoes for each competition in the latter half of the 20th century, RBK has launched many sports shoe technologies that have a great impact on mass sports. For example, in 1989, it launched pump technology and ers energy feedback system. 1n the 1990s, medium and low shock absorption technologies such as hexalite honeycomb air cushion and DMX shock absorption airbag were born, And the R & D and application of 3D lightweight sole and carbon fiber and other new materials. 1t can be said that each of these technologies is a great wealth that RBK brings to users in the field of R & D and manufacturing of sports shoes

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