Reflection on explosion accident of Turkish coal mine

on May 14, the major media reported the situation of coal mine accidents in Turkey one after another. Such incidents are also happening in our country. Although such incidents can not be completely avoided, at least we should strengthen safety facilities and make up for employees’ labor protection articles, and employees should not be frightened when they go to work

the accident in Turkey, such a scene appeared. “The coal mine was last inspected on March 17 and said its safety measures were in place,” the Minister of labor and social security of Turkey said in an interview Soma komur, the head of the coal company, also issued a statement: “despite the maximum security and supervision measures, the accident happened. Unfortunately, some workers lost their lives in this tragedy. “< However, Oktay berrin, a miner, told the reporter that there were no protection measures underground, and it was not safe for miners to work underground. "Mine owners only care about their own money, and trade unions are puppets," he said what the miners said makes people have to think deeply. 1s the official so-called safety measures true? Government officials and the person in charge of the coal mine all claim that “safety measures are in place”, so why do the coal miners still affirm that “underground operation is not safe at all, there are no protective measures at all?”. Coal mine gas explosion can not be completely controlled, but at least we should strengthen the measures in this regard, and equip the miners with complete labor protection equipment, such as safety helmet, dust mask, protective clothing and so on, so that they can work at ease. Gas explosion is inevitable. Xiaobian suggests that miners’ labor protection articles should have the function of anti-static as far as possible in this accident, 201 people have died and 201 families have been broken. These lovely people are telling us “safe production” with their lives. We can’t predict the future, but we can prepare for it. We should and must strengthen the awareness of safety in production and the management of the use of personal protective equipment. Safe production, for themselves, for their families we solemnly declare that this article is the original article of the website, if you need to reprint it, please indicate the source

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