Reflective protective clothing exported to EU must comply with en 471 standard

The European Commission’s rapid warning system for non food products (RApex) issued a warning to consumers of reflective vests produced by an enterprise in Ningbo. The reflective material surface area of the product is insufficient, and the product does not meet the marked level 2 protective clothing standard. As level 1 protective clothing, it can not play the corresponding safety protection, and there is a risk of injury to consumers. Because it does not meet the European Union standard EN 471, Spain has taken measures to withdraw from the market

reflective vest, as a kind of labor protection equipment, has attracted more and more attention from EU countries because of its warning and protection function, which is related to the life safety of wearers and operators. 1n recent years, personal protective equipment, including reflective vests and helmets, have been warned by EU countries for more than ten times

for this reason, the inspection and quarantine department reminds the manufacturers of protective articles that the export of reflective protective clothing to the European Union must comply with the European Union en 471 standard for high visibility warning clothing, that is to say, the “three passes” should be well controlled: first of all, “good design” should be done, and a certain area of base material, retro reflective material or dual functional material should be selected according to the three grades of warning clothing, The different types of warning materials on the warning clothing can reach the minimum area specified by the corresponding level of warning clothing, and the position, type and width of reflective materials are specially designed according to different types of clothing. The second is to “select good materials” to ensure that the color, color fastness, size change, waterproof performance of the base material of reflective protective clothing and the reflective performance of the retro reflective material under different environmental conditions meet the en 471 standard. The last is to “label well”. The warning clothing should inform consumers of some basic information in local written language, such as how to wear, warning of related inaccurate use, service life, how to store, maintain and clean, etc. 1n addition, the product name, trademark or other manufacturer’s instructions shall be clearly indicated on the visible position

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