Regulations on dust control of coal mining face

Article 1. Deep hole static pressure water injection or deep hole dynamic pressure water injection must be implemented in all coal mining faces. Under special circumstances, water injection may not be implemented with the approval of the company. 1n order to improve the effect of coal seam water injection in working face, the technology of shallow hole high pressure water injection in coal wall and the technology of adding infiltration water injection are popularized

1. Before mining, the dust-proof design of coal seam water injection must be prepared; Design contents: drilling rig selection, hole depth, hole spacing, number of penetration rods added to each hole, original natural moisture and water increase rate to be achieved after water injection, etc

fourth, hydraulic support and coal caving face of caving face must be equipped with spray device, synchronous spraying when lowering column, moving frame or discharging coal. The dust crusher and spray device or dust collector must be installed in the crusher. Br/>
fifth, coal mining face roadway transfer point, coal seam upper and lower outlets and crusher, must install spray, closed cover or dust collector and other dust-proof devices. When the coal is transported by itself, the spray should be spray into the coal. Br / >
Article 6. Air flow purification water curtain of coal mining face: in the roadway 30m ~ 50m away from the working face

seventh, all the spray facilities must be installed before the coal face is put into operation. Fully mechanized caving face should be equipped with full-time dust control personnel

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