Regulations on prevention and control of occupational hazards in summer

Hebei Provincial Bureau of work safety recently issued regulations to strengthen the prevention and control of occupational hazards in summer, requiring all production and business units to implement the funds for heatstroke prevention, improve ventilation facilities, and provide sufficient heatstroke prevention drugs and personal protective equipment. Technical measures and self-protection measures should be actively used, and local ventilation, heat insulation, cooling and other measures should be taken for comprehensive prevention and control. Strengthen occupational health education and training and self-examination of heatstroke prevention, plug loopholes in time and take preventive measures

it is required that the prevention and control measures for high temperature operation of new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects should meet the requirements of national exposure limits for high temperature operation. Before the arrival of high-temperature weather, health examination should be carried out for the employees working at high temperature. For the employees suffering from heart, lung and cerebrovascular diseases, tuberculosis, central nervous system diseases and other physical conditions not suitable for high-temperature and high humidity operation, they should be transferred from the high-temperature and high humidity operation post. 1f they can not be transferred from the post temporarily, the protective measures against heatstroke should be strengthened. All production and business units with high temperature, high humidity and open-air operation in summer should seriously implement the heatstroke prevention measures stipulated in relevant laws and regulations and “Hygienic Standards for the design of industrial enterprises”

during the high temperature weather, according to the production characteristics and specific conditions, while ensuring the work quality, it is necessary to appropriately adjust the labor and rest system of high temperature operation in summer, increase the rest time, reduce the labor intensity, reduce the operation during the high temperature period, ensure the safe production, and ensure the occupational health and safety and life safety of employees. 1t is necessary to strengthen the protection of female workers and underage workers. Pregnant female workers shall not be arranged to work in the open air in high temperature weather above 35 ℃ or in workplaces with temperature above 33 ℃. Underage workers shall not be arranged to work in the open air in high temperature weather above 35 ℃ or in workplaces with temperature above grade 3 in the standard of classification of high temperature work

the production and business operation units shall not deduct or reduce the wages of employees due to high temperature, shorter working hours and other reasons. 1f the production and business operation entity arranges the employees to work in the open air in high temperature weather (the daily maximum temperature is above 35 ℃) and fails to take effective measures to reduce the temperature of the workplace below 33 ℃, it shall pay high temperature allowance to the employees

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