Relying on labor protection gloves to dispatch lonely workers

Liang Xiaosheng, a famous writer, mentions his father in an article on loneliness. 1t was a time when the gloves of labor protection were torn off to knit socks and sweaters, and he may just be lonely

whether it’s surface loneliness or deep loneliness, it needs a great ability of human nature to resist its harm to people’s hearts

although my father was only an ordinary construction worker, he was also treated in exile during the cultural revolution. Just because he, a 14-year-old man, had learned a few words of Japanese and Russian in Harbin, he was suspected to be a Japanese Russian spy. For almost seven or eight years, he was sent alone to the mountains of Sichuan to grow vegetables for the workers’ canteen. He opened a large area of wasteland by himself, planting and harvesting all year round. Every two or three months, a car went into the mountains to send him food and salt, and pulled away the vegetables

what can he do to relieve his loneliness

a man in his late fifties, my father, has learned to knit. There’s no second person, no electricity, no dogs or cats, and nothing to read. Yes, it is also for him, because he is almost illiterate. He chopped bamboo and ground several needles himself. 1n the past seven or eight years, he took the new and old labor protection gloves that he had taken up the mountain and twisted them into coils to weave socks and waistcoats for his children

this kind of skill was only possessed by women in the past. He kept it until the year of his death. Weaving became his habit. That year, he was seventy-seven years old

in order not to turn their hearts into rusty iron or copper, workers have to be forced out of such an ability

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