Remarkable achievements have been made in the work of labor and social security supervision in Tongzi County

Tongzi County achieved remarkable results in labor and social security supervision in 2013. The special actions to clean up and rectify the human resources market order, prohibit the use of child labor and crack down on illegal employment were carried out, which standardized the recruitment and employment behavior of enterprises in Tongzi County, and improved the legal awareness of workers; We carried out special inspection actions on laws and regulations of enterprise employment and social insurance, inspected 60 households in Tongzi County, issued rectification instructions to some illegal enterprises, and made rectification within a time limit, which enhanced the awareness of law-abiding of enterprises and workers; The special action of wage payment for migrant workers was carried out, focusing on the inspection of 143 households in processing and manufacturing enterprises, construction enterprises, catering services and labor-intensive enterprises. 20 cases of wage arrears were accepted2.27012 million yuan of wages were recovered, involving 314 workers. 13 labor supervision inquiries and 16 administrative decisions on labor security supervision were issued; We should strengthen the linkage mechanism between the human resources and social security departments and the public security departments in cracking down on arrears of wages. Projects that refuse to pay wages should be promptly transferred to the public security department on the basis of investigation and handling and delivery of documents

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