replacement of anti falling well cover in Laishan

Yesterday morning, Laishan Highway Bureau began to install a new type of “well cover for preventing pedestrians and vehicles from falling down” to comprehensively strengthen road safety and life protection

according to the introduction, the thickness of the overall well seat installed this time is 20 cm and the width of the bottom edge is 16 cm, which is thicker and wider than the ordinary well seat. The well seat is in close contact with the edge of the well chamber, reducing the subsidence of the well cover. The shaft cover and the shaft seat are made of soft elastic materials, which can overcome the problems of running, jumping and ringing, reduce the vibration and noise, and improve the driving comfort

the new manhole cover is made of reinforced concrete and steel fiber. 1t is divided into two layers, the inner and the outer, with a height difference of 8 cm. The inner one has leakage holes, and the outer one is firm and compressive. When there is rain or rainfall forecast, the maintenance personnel can open the outer well cover, which has higher flood control and drainage efficiency. The inner well cover with bolt protection and leakage hole can effectively prevent vehicles and pedestrians from falling. After the installation of the new manhole cover, it can further improve the ability of highway safety and life protection

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