Reporter investigation: many “fashion masks” are three no products

reporter survey: many “fashion masks” are three no products

in order to be beautiful, 1 bought a mask with cartoon pattern for my daughter. After wearing it, her mouth is red and itchy. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw Zhang Honglian, a citizen who bought ointment with her daughter in the hospital. Because she was wearing a bad mask, her daughter Yaoyao had skin allergy. She said regretfully, “it’s just good-looking. They’re all” three no products “. 1 don’t dare to buy them any more.”

“don’t scratch, just apply the medicine.” Looking at the mouth of her 10-year-old daughter Yaoyao, Zhang Honglian remorses as she persuades her daughter not to scratch” Two days ago, 1 spent 5 yuan in a lattice shop to buy a mask with fashionable cartoon patterns on it. 1t’s very cute. ” She said that she didn’t care about the child’s bad smell at the beginning. The next day, the child was itchy and his mouth turned red. The doctor said that he was allergic

Zhang Honglian said: “when 1 look at the packaging bag, 1 find that there is nothing on it except the words” dust proof, warm “

later, the reporter interviewed several wholesale markets and street jewelry stores and found that these “fashion masks” changed the uniform white of traditional masks, not only colorful, but also with various patterns

the prices of these “fashion masks” are all below 10 yuan, and the cheaper ones are only 3 yuan, so many people buy them. The reporter found that less than 30% of the “fashion masks” marked with the manufacturer, and most of the masks are only printed with words like “dust-proof, warm” and so on. The reporter spent 3 yuan to buy a mask printed with cartoon pattern, only by the touch can know, certainly not pure cotton, but also smell a strange smell

doctors in the emergency department of the Municipal People’s Hospital remind the public that although colorful fashion masks are beautiful, most of them contain chemical components such as chemical fibers and dyes. He suggested that people should choose white and pure cotton masks as far as possible and keep them cleaned daily. At the same time, should go to regular drugstores or large shopping malls, supermarkets to buy

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