Requirements of safety net

(1) inspection of the net: construction waste shall not be left in the net, articles shall not be piled up under the net, the net body shall not be seriously deformed and worn, and whether it will be polluted by chemicals, acid and alkali fumes and electric welding sparks

(2) the support frame shall not be seriously deformed and worn, and its connecting parts shall not be loose. The connection points between nets and between nets and supporting frames are not allowed to be loosened. All tied ropes shall not be seriously worn or deformed< (3) the falling objects in the net should be cleaned frequently. Keep the net clean. We should also avoid a lot of welding or other Mars falling into the net, and avoid high temperature or steam environment. When the mesh body is polluted by chemicals or the mesh rope is embedded in coarse sand or other foreign matters that may cause wear, it must be cleaned and dried naturally after washing (4) iron fishing or tools with sharp spines are not allowed to be used in the handling of safety nets to prevent damage to nets and ropes. The net body should be stored in the warehouse or special place, and it should be classified and stored on the shelf in batches. 1t is not allowed to pile up randomly. The warehouse is required to have ventilation, shading, heat insulation, moisture-proof, chemical erosion and other conditions. 1n the process of storage, it is also required to conduct regular inspection on the net body, and deal with the problems immediately if they are found, so as to ensure the safety China labor insurance net

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