Rescue Competition for high risk enterprises

check the equipment, rush to the scene of the accident, search for the wounded, deal with the leakage, treat the wounded… 1n the simulated dangerous gas leakage accident, a series of actions of the emergency rescue personnel are completed at one go. Recently, 35 teams and more than 200 rescue workers from 181 high-risk key enterprises in Shijiazhuang City showed their skills in the emergency rescue skills competition organized by Shijiazhuang Safety Supervision Bureau. 1t is understood that this activity is the first time for enterprises to participate in a wide range of enterprises and people in Shijiazhuang

at 8:30 on the same day, the “martial arts contest” officially began” The gas pipe in hot air workshop of our factory leaked, one of the staff was poisoned, and may be accompanied by trauma. Please rush to the scene of the accident immediately and organize emergency disposal. The current wind direction is northwest wind, wind force is 2-3! ” At the first order, the rescue team members in uniform and safety helmets immediately began to check the equipment orderly and rushed to the scene of the accident. After the commander found the gas alarm, he quickly made a judgment, put forward the warning position and requirements, and gave instructions; According to the division of labor, the team members quickly entered the gas leakage danger area to search for the wounded, deal with the leakage, and treat the wounded….

the reporter noticed that within four or five minutes, the rescue workers had blocked the simulated leakage point, and after the temporary rescue of the wounded, they transferred it to the medical staff, so that they could get comprehensive treatment in the shortest time

gas pipeline leakage, liquid ammonia pipeline leakage… A rescue team full of energy, one by one emergency rescue work completed skillfully. 1n this “big competition”, Shijiazhuang selected 35 teams with standard movements, excellent technology and excellent equipment from 181 high-risk key enterprises to participate in the competition, simulating two kinds of emergency situations

it is reported that 384 high-risk key enterprises and more than 132000 employees in the city participated in the contest, and more than 5000 pieces of rescue equipment such as air breathing apparatus and light and heavy chemical protective clothing were added to each enterprise

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