Research and development of safety shoes should be market oriented

as a domestic manufacturer of high-quality safety shoes, Shanghai Anbang 1ndustrial Development Co., Ltd. has its strength in many aspects. 1ts excellent R & D capability and excellent quality assurance are the main reasons for the long-term choice of major customers such as PetroChina, Sinopec, State Grid and Huaneng Group

follow the market or lead the market? Shanghai Anbang 1ndustrial Development Co., Ltd. boldly carried out the strategic deployment: leading the market, deep research and development, traditional

industrial technology; And based on the “environmental protection and low carbon” put forward the “light, safe, fashion, technology” research and development concept. Break through the previous simple “product R & D and design” mode, increase the research on the development and application of new materials, especially superfine fiber leather< According to the introduction, Anbang company, together with famous shoe material manufacturers in China, held an interactive R & D meeting to continuously adjust the R & D direction of safety upper and sole through market feedback, so as to better provide high-quality products for consumers. According to the market performance, Anbang company makes a summary with the shoe material enterprises, and puts forward the corresponding sole R & D trend and functional requirements according to the preferences of consumers for brand reference. These requirements are first demonstrated by the shoe material enterprises. 1f feasible, Anbang company will develop a variety of soles according to the market demand and fashion trend, and finally carry out mass production Anbang new technology sole “the technical content of a pair of shoes mainly lies in the sole. On the premise of ensuring the safety protection function, we must pay attention to the R & D and innovation of the sole.” Mr. Chen said that in the research and development of sole, Anbang company allocates a lot of money every year to pay for the research and development expenses. What is more worth mentioning is that Anbang new process bottom combines the advantages of anti-skid rubber and TPU, which is promoted and improved again in the injection process it is understood that Anbang company took the lead in introducing super fiber leather into the production of safety shoes in 2010; 1n 2011, Anbang company was adopted the international standard product mark, which represents the guarantee of product quality and safety, excellent quality and reaching the international advanced level; 1n February 2012, Anbang company will launch a new type of super fiber safety shoes, which we will wait and see

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