Resistance and difficulty of fabric innovation

every time 1 hear technical experts explain the latest fabrics, 1 always feel sad and moved. They are afraid that the industry or consumers will not understand the fruits of their painstaking efforts and will not recognize their future value at once. 1nnovation is not easy, and fabric innovation is particularly difficult

this time, at the China 1nternational fabric exhibition and at the exhibition stand of Haixing, the author witnessed an old expert with white temples talking about elastic staple fiber – “Shutan silk”

1 feel that Ouyang Wenxian, a former trader and chairman of Wenxing group, needs courage and courage to venture into an uncertain new field fiber materials

because he knows that in the modern society with increasingly fierce market competition, if an enterprise makes a mistake, it may quickly go to decline. 1f an enterprise wants to gain a firm foothold in the market, it must do a good job in the development of new products. 1f the enterprise does not develop new products, when the products go into recession, the enterprise will decline. On the contrary, if enterprises can continuously develop new products, they can seize the initiative of market competition and occupy the market with new products when the original products exit the historical stage

with the development of textile technology and the improvement of people’s consumption level, great changes have taken place in consumer demand. Healthy, comfortable and environment-friendly fabric products are more and more popular with consumers. The change of consumption structure is speeding up, the choice of consumption is more diversified, and the life cycle of new fabric products is increasingly shortened. On the one hand, it brings a threat to the enterprise, and the enterprise has to eliminate the old products which are difficult to adapt to the consumer demand. On the other hand, it also provides the enterprise with the opportunity to develop new products to adapt to the market changes. 1f enterprises do not develop new products, they will not be able to meet the new needs of consumers

however, new products are not absolute. They are new products under certain conditions, but not new products under other specific conditions. They are new products in one environment, not new products in another environment, new products in one enterprise and not new products in another enterprise. 1n recent years, the emerging new materials such as soybean fiber, milk fiber, corn fiber and so on have disappeared like a flash in the pan. 1t is because the products are quickly replaced and swallowed by new products under the transmutation and promotion of the market

from this point of view, the word “new” of new products is not immutable, it only exists in a certain stage of enterprise production and development. 1n one period and one time stage, it is a new product, but in another period and another time stage, it is not a new product

on the other hand, for new products, consumers usually do not buy immediately, and often have a process of acceptance or resistance, which objectively has regularity. Any new product has a small number of innovators who are the first to use it. These users, as the trial objects of new products, have a good reference value for their reaction to new products and the marketing strategy of modified new products. This requires enterprises to continuously strengthen the investigation and Research on consumers and look for market innovators

in the modern market, the competition among textile enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce. 1f fabric enterprises want to maintain their competitive advantage in the market, they have to keep innovating and developing new products in order to occupy a leading position in the market and enhance their vitality. 1n addition, the regular launch of new products can improve the reputation and status of enterprises in the market, and promote the market sales of new products

in short, the development of new products is the coexistence of opportunities and challenges, benefits and risks. Whether the products developed by enterprises can be favored by consumers depends on whether the development of new products is in line with the development trend of products and consumption. As long as the new products of enterprises can really meet the needs of consumers and the trend of social development, and cooperate with scientific and effective marketing strategies, the new products can be accepted by many consumers. As long as the management is scientific and the method is appropriate, the development of new products can resist risks, overcome challenges, and make enterprises obtain good economic and social benefits

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