Respiratory infectious diseases occur frequently in early spring, so people should wear masks in public places

1n early spring, the weather is changeable, sometimes cold and sometimes warm, and the rain will gradually increase. The Department for Disease Control and prevention issued a reminder on Marc2, saying that early spring is the season of respiratory infectious diseases. The public should pay attention to the prevention of all kinds of infectious diseases dominated by respiratory infectious diseases, and kindergartens and schools should prevent the outbreak of all kinds of diseases< According to the Department of disease control and prevention, Hefei is still in a period of high incidence of influenza and norovirus. The public should pay attention to diet and environmental hygiene to prevent the occurrence of influenza and infectious diarrhea< 1t is reported that influenza is an acute respiratory infection caused by influenza virus. 1nfluenza can cause upper respiratory tract infection, pneumonia and various diseases outside the respiratory tract. 1n the high incidence period of influenza, we should try not to go to crowded and polluted places; When you have to go, you'd better wear a mask Hot spot recommendation: 31 students in Nanchang primary school vomit, which was initially found to be caused by norovirus fever after contact with live birds, need to go to medical institutions for treatment h7n9 influenza is still worthy of attention. According to reports, h7n9 influenza is mainly infected by contact with birds carrying the virus and their secretions or excreta. 1t may also be infected by inhalation of virus pollutants through the respiratory tract or by hand, mouth and other means. The initial symptoms are similar to influenza, but the disease progresses rapidly and worsens progressively. High fever often occurs, followed by pulmonary inflammation, resulting in multiple organ involvement< The Department of disease control and Prevention said that the main preventive measures are to reduce unnecessary contact with live poultry. During the processing of poultry meat, the raw and cooked poultry should be separated, and the cooked poultry should be thoroughly cooked. The sales personnel of live poultry breeding should strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of the environment and their own health monitoring. Once the fever exceeds 37.5 ℃, they should go to the regular medical institutions above level 2 in time and inform the clinicians of the poultry contact history Relevant recommendations: there are 2 new h7n9 cases in Anhui Province, and the rising trend of the epidemic situation has been further curbed the mosquito “attack” has begun the CDC also reminds us to pay more attention to tuberculosis and mosquito bites this month< According to the introduction, pulmonary tuberculosis is a chronic respiratory infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and pulmonary tuberculosis infection is the most common. The important source of infection is the excretor. When the resistance is reduced, it may cause clinical disease. 1f we can diagnose in time and give reasonable treatment, we can get clinical recovery. Clinical onset can be acute or slow, mostly low fever (afternoon), night sweats, fatigue, etc; Respiratory symptoms include cough, expectoration, hemoptysis, chest pain, varying degrees of chest tightness or dyspnea. 1n terms of preventive measures, we should find and treat the source of infection in time, pay attention to opening windows and ventilation in our daily life, pay attention to exercise and improve our resistance at the same time, in March, as the hibernating animals begin to wake up and the vectors such as mosquitoes and flies begin to breed, the elimination of the first generation of mosquitoes and flies in early spring in this season can better reduce the density of mosquitoes and flies(Morning Post reporter Tong Rendong intern yuan Jin correspondent Wu Jinju Qiu Xiangfeng)

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