response to submarine disaster: US Navy testing new protective clothing

Abstract: Although nuclear submarines are known as “underwater kings”, they only use atomic reactors to heat water vapor for propulsion. Considering the overheat risk of steam line rupture in deep diving, NAVSEA and clothing Textile Research 1nstitute have developed a new type of protective clothing. 1t is designed to enable the crew to carry out maintenance without being fatally scalded and is currently in the testing stage. Recently, the U.S. Navy shared a demonstration video at its base in Connecticut, mainly to see two sailors who can quickly put on protective clothing

the second assistant mechanic, Cameron Sebastian, tries on the current old protective clothing, which is composed of fire-fighting overalls, suspenders, boots, oxygen tank and breathing device. You can usually see the equipment in the scene of a chemical disaster, but it takes four minutes to get it on

in contrast, a pair of protective clothing, thick gloves, face mask, external oxygen tank and regulator newly developed by the U.S. Naval Research Office (onr) took Nathan Lindner just over two minutes to try on

according to the Navy, the new clothing is specially made based on the feedback of soldiers, which is a significant improvement over the current ten-year old scheme. Not only is it easy to wear and more flexible, it weighs as little as 9 pounds (4 kg)

in addition, the design of external respirator enables users to replace or fill the air tank without taking off their clothes; Gel in clothing also helps to cool down the whole. br/>

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