Riding an electric car should also pay attention to wearing a helmet

The enhancement of environmental protection awareness and the convenience of use have promoted the rapid popularization of electric vehicles. The weak awareness of users’ prevention makes the potential safety hazards of electric vehicles easy to be ignored. Many people think that “motorcycle caps” are for motorcyclists only. 1n fact, this is a misunderstanding. The safety helmet is suitable for all kinds of non motor vehicle and motorcycle riders. 1t can play a buffer role in vehicle collision, protect the brain and neck, and reduce the incidence of head injury

as the speed of electric vehicles is generally fast, the traffic police suggest that every rider should buy a qualified safety helmet and buckle the elastic belt when riding

recently, Fuzhou evening news and Fuzhou police jointly launched a “collection order” to regulate the law-abiding riding of electric vehicles in urban areas. Many citizens sent their own suggestions to the evening news, including the police who often deal with electric vehicles. Ms. Lin, who works on Hualin Road, reported through Sina official microblog of Fuzhou evening news that she can see couriers sending and receiving express mails every day. Many couriers ride over standard electric vehicles with a large amount of mail on them. 1n order to save trouble, some couriers often run the red light and enter the motorway, which is very dangerous. Miss Lin hopes that the police will strengthen the management of couriers who ride over standard electric vehicles

after receiving the report, the police of Chayuan police station and railway station of Jin’an Public Security Bureau set out on the road and seized five couriers who illegally rode bicycles, three of whom were riding over standard electric vehicles. The pedals of their electric cars are stacked with nearly 1 meter high mail. Some couriers ride like holding a big pillar, while others can only hang their feet in the air. 1n case of emergency, it is difficult for them to take timely measures to avoid danger. 1n addition, the back seat and trunk of these cars are also piled with mail. Police told them that the electric car brake system is designed in accordance with the standard, overload will cause the brake distance increases or can not stop the car. The police punished the five couriers for driving over standard electric vehicles, breaking the ban, overloading and other illegal acts

the dealers of electric vehicles say that when customers buy a car, the car shop will not specially match helmets for sale, and many people who buy a car don’t care about it either. After paying the money, they drive the car directly on the road. Whether they wear helmets or not depends on their own will

ordinary citizens have different opinions on whether to wear helmets or not. Some people think that whether there are compulsory traffic regulations or not, it is a concrete manifestation of cherishing life to consciously wear helmets by riding electric vehicles. Some people think that electric vehicles are not motorcycles, it seems unnecessary to wear safety helmets

and the traffic police said that at present, the phenomenon of electric vehicle drivers not wearing helmets is relatively common, mainly because there is no specific requirement to wear helmets when driving electric vehicles, which also leads to some difficulties in daily management. Helmets have a certain protective effect on the head and can reduce the impact and injury to the head in accidents. Therefore, it is suggested that when driving electric bicycles on the road, in addition to consciously complying with the driving regulations of non motor vehicles, it is better to wear helmets

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