Rising international oil price affects garment fabrics

due to the fierce competition, it is expected that the price of clothing in spring and summer will not rise significantly

the crude oil in the international market will rise to US $80 / barrel. What does it have to do with the clothes you and 1 wear? Many people may not know that the chemical fiber fabrics widely used in the field of clothing production are made of petroleum products; The fluctuation of its product price is closely related to the international oil price

according to manager Guo of “Chinatown” market, in addition to cotton and wool fabrics, a large part of clothing fabrics and lining are mainly made of synthetic materials. For example, nylon, polyester and other chemical fiber fabrics are extracted from petroleum and petrochemical products” First, petrochemical products such as polyester are extracted from petroleum, and then polyester chips are made into yarn and cloth. The international oil price rose from $30 a barrel at the end of December last year to about $80 at present. The prices of some chemical fiber fabrics naturally follow suit. “

Mr. Li of xianglongbu city also revealed that although price transmission takes a certain time, and every link has to digest the price increase factors, at present, PTA (purified terephthalic acid), MEG (ethylene glycol) and other raw materials in polyester fiber have increased from about 5200 yuan / ton at the beginning of the year to about 7800 yuan / ton now, with an increase of nearly 50%; Some chemical fiber fabrics are up 30% – 40%

then, will some chemical fiber fabrics go up? Many people in charge of clothing enterprises in Zhuzhou admitted that due to the fierce market competition, the prices of brand clothing in spring and summer this year will not rise. Mr. Jiang of new Lusong Clothing 1ndustrial Park revealed: “a pair of jeans, with design fees, marketing and advertising fees, brand added value and so on, has a price ranging from tens to hundreds of yuan. 1n fact, each piece only uses 1.2 square meters of cloth, and the total cost is only ten yuan; A man’s shirt with a price of more than 100 yuan or even several hundred yuan uses an average of 1.5 square meters of materials, and the cost of cloth is 20-30 yuan, accounting for less than 10% – 20%. And spring and summer clothing are relatively thin, not much material. Therefore, the impact of rising international oil prices on garment manufacturers with certain brand awareness can be ignored. But some low-end clothes with prices below 50 yuan may rise by 5-10 yuan per piece. “

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