Rongguang, a shoe manufacturer, is committed to building an aircraft carrier of shoe industry

with the proposal of the national 12th Five Year Plan, Rongguang, a footwear manufacturer, has also put forward its own 12th Five Year Plan. According to the internal information of Rongguang enterprise, “combining with the actual situation of the enterprise, grasping the market orientation, adhering to scientific development and promoting transformation and upgrading” is the basic framework of the 12th Five Year Plan of Rongguang Group Co., Ltd” During the 12th Five Year Plan period, “Rongguang” will scientifically choose the development direction, scientifically establish the market positioning, optimize the production factors of enterprises, comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, take the initiative to participate in international competition, and achieve the goal of sound and rapid scientific development of “Rongguang”< 1n the past 23 years, Rongguang has developed from an extensive small factory into a state-level super large shoe manufacturer and a meritorious enterprise of China's shoe capital after the establishment of the group, the scale of the enterprise has been expanding continuously, up to now more than 1 billion yuan, and the total assets have also increased from several million yuan to nearly 1 billion yuan. The export volume of enterprises is also increasing every year, which has become the leader of the same industry in the whole province and even the whole country. Over the years, Rongguang has been adhering to the concept of “science and technology is the first productive force”, and the development of enterprises must rely on the progress of science and technology. 1t attaches great importance to technological transformation and investment in science and technology during the 11th Five Year Plan period, the enterprise invested more than 23 million yuan in the technical transformation of medium and high grade rubber shoes, invested in the expansion of safety shoes production line, and renovated a large number of production, quality inspection and other equipment and facilities. The development of new products, the application of new shoe materials, such as cloth rubber shoes, injection shoes, the application of degradable polyurethane materials, solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by waste shoes. The R & D and production of new products such as snow shoes, beach shoes, multi-functional safety shoes and high elastic sports shoes have brought “Rongguang” an output value of over 100 million yuan. By the end of this year, the technical department of the enterprise has developed nearly 5200 new products, and the sales of new products account for 42% of the total sales while pursuing the economic benefits of the enterprise, chairman Li Rongguang has never forgotten his social responsibility. Over the past 23 years, “Rongguang” has donated more than 100 million yuan to education, hope project, poverty alleviation project, flood relief and other social public welfare undertakings. The projects of “Yangguang home” and “Hope Primary School” donated by the company in Shangcai County, Henan Province, mainly for A1DS orphans, have been recognized by the government and praised by the society the development of Rongguang has made Rongguang brilliant. Over the past 23 years, “Rongguang” has been awarded the title of advanced enterprise by the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation, the Ministry of agriculture and the people’s Government of Zhejiang Province, and has received more than 200 awards from governments at all levels< With more than 20 years of development and accumulation, Rongguang first has strong economic strength and the ability to fight against market risks" The development of "Rongguang" is mainly due to "four abilities" it has a strong debt repayment ability, and the asset liability ratio is internationally recognized as the main judgment standard to measure the enterprise’s debt repayment ability and anti operational risk. 1nternationally, it is generally considered that no more than 50% is good. At present, the debt ratio of Rongguang is less than 49% $$$$$ it has good product and market competitiveness. Flexible management mechanism, sound marketing network, high quality and low price products, stable product quality and reasonable product structure make “Rongguang” recognized by consumers and domestic and foreign shoe markets it has the ability to respond to the market quickly. The ability of product development is an important symbol of an enterprise’s rapid response to the market. The technology center established by Rongguang, the senior shoe pattern designers at home and abroad, and the annual development investment of nearly 10 million yuan make Rongguang’s new products always occupy the forefront of the market and become the favorite of the market it has “brand” influence. Behind the brand for more than 20 years is the support of quality. “Rongguang” has always regarded the brand as the foundation of the enterprise. Over the years, the rate of authentic products has been maintained at 99.95%, and the rate of qualified finished products has always been maintained at 100% “Rongguang”‘s “12th Five Year Plan” goal looking forward to the “12th Five Year Plan”, Rongguang will be committed to building an aircraft carrier of shoe industry and making enterprises bigger and stronger it is estimated that by 2015, Rongguang’s sales revenue will reac2.5 billion yuan, its export earnings will reach 1.5 billion yuan, and its total assets will reach 1.8 billion yuan; On the premise of strengthening the main business, the industry will set foot in commercial real estate, dairy processing, commercial trade and other fields, and become a cross industry and cross regional comprehensive group company during the 12th Five Year Plan period, “Rongguang” will carry out technological transformation of the old industrial zone, create a national footwear technology R & D center and rubber shoes quality testing center around the building of “headquarters economy”, establish a digital information platform, run through all links of marketing, development, production and management with informatization, control all development elements, and comprehensively complete the product standardization upgrade, Complete the formulation of work standards, management standards and product standards in terms of main business, the products will be mainly high-quality rubber shoes and sports shoes, focusing on the development of safety shoes, and leading products will drive the development of other products. By 2015, the output value of safety shoes will account for 50% of the total output value, and the utilization rate of new environmental protection shoes materials will reach more than 50%. We will focus on the research and development of high-grade leisure shoes and labor protection shoes, and add 10 to 25 new high-grade shoes products, so as to increase the added value of products by 80% on the original basis on the premise of grasping the international market expansion, we will develop the domestic market of high-end safety shoes, high-end leisure shoes and professional sports shoes, and the market share of high-end products such as safety shoes at home and abroad will increase by 3-5% every year strive to introduce 5-10 national footwear design and development talents, introduce and cultivate personnel with college or secondary education background and junior or intermediate professional title, so that the proportion of the number of employees increases by 15% every year, establish employee education and training assessment mechanism, and strive for the qualified rate of employee training to reach more than 90% strive to obtain the recognition of China’s well-known trademark and national export brand from 2011 to 2013

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