Rongyang shoe industry’s “road to balance”

the development of Guangdong Rongcheng Shoes Co., Ltd. in Hengyang County can be described as “twists and turns”. 1n the second half of 2008, the company invested 50 million yuan to rent Hengyang County standard workshop and set up Hengyang Rongyang Shoes Co., Ltd., which mainly produces Adidas and other world-famous brand sports shoes. At the beginning of last year, due to various reasons, the company plans to change its plan and transfer two new vulcanized shoe production lines in Hengyang County to other places. 1n April last year, the company changed its plan again, decided to put the two production lines in Hengyang County, and decided to make additional investment to make it its headquarters in Hunan

the first intimate contact between Guangdong Rongcheng Shoes Co., Ltd. and Hengyang County was in April 2008, and Hengyang Rongyang Shoes Co., Ltd. was established here in October of the same year. At the beginning of last year, Rongcheng shoes planned to transfer two vulcanized shoe production lines to the mainland. After active efforts, Hengyang County was once included in the transfer destination. 1n March last year, the company sent people to Hengyang customs and Hengyang entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau for investigation. They thought that Hengyang County’s “customs clearance” conditions were not enough and were ready to change the plan. After Xiao Shunsheng, Secretary of the county Party committee, learned the news, he appointed the comrades in charge of the county’s investment promotion to Guangzhou on the same day. He handed over his personal letter to Jian Wende, the company’s president, to explain the situation to him and senior leaders, and sincerely invited them to visit Hengyang County. 1n the middle of April, when general manager Jian led the team to visit Hengyang County again, the county made great efforts to invite the main responsible persons of Hengyang customs and Hengyang entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau to work together at the enterprise site. After listening to the report of the enterprise, the person in charge of the two departments promised on the spot what kind of treatment the enterprise’s commodity inspection and customs enjoy in Guangzhou and guaranteed that they would also enjoy the same treatment in Hengyang. 1n depth communication, meticulous work, and finally won the trust, the final two production lines successfully settled in Hengyang County

after the enterprises settled down, Hengyang County Party committee and government provided nanny, security and preservation services for the enterprises in terms of infrastructure, land financing, employment training and policy information, so as to help solve the problems of land, capital, water supply and power supply in time. Speaking of this, Zhang Zezhi, deputy general manager of Hengyang Rongyang Shoes Co., Ltd., feels the same. He told reporters that in June last year, the company built a vulcanized shoe production line and needed to recruit more than 600 employees. Although Hengyang County has a large number of rural surplus labor, the company’s treatment is not low, but because most of the surplus labor at that time had already gone out to work. There was a temporary difficulty in recruiting workers. When the county learned about this, it immediately asked the relevant departments of the county to work with the 26 township enterprises in the county to mobilize in the countryside to help the enterprises do a good job in recruiting workers. 1n less than half a month, the urgent need of the enterprise was solved

Zhang Zezhi also told the reporter that Hengyang County Party committee and government provided high-quality services for enterprises, which increased the confidence and determination of Guangdong Rongcheng Shoes Co., Ltd. to invest in Hengyang County. He disclosed that the headquarters of the company has decided to invest 600 million yuan in Hengyang County. On the basis of establishing Hengyang Rongyang Shoes Co., Ltd. and Hengyang Deyang Shoes Co., Ltd., the company will invest in establishing Hengyang Deyang green farm. After the series of projects are put into operation next year, the company will become the headquarters of Guangdong Rongcheng Shoes Co., Ltd. in Hunan Province, which can export 12 million pairs of Adidas high-end sports shoes, generate profits and taxes of more than 50 million yuan per year, import and export volume of processing trade can reach 80 million US dollars per year, and solve the employment of more than 10000 rural surplus labor force, At present, the company is building a standard plant of 100000 square meters

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