Rss50 super extensible sewing thread developed in Japan

recently, fujix company of Japan and opelontex jointly developed the super retractable sewing thread rss50. Rss50 has unprecedented high flexibility, and it is very easy to use when sewing

PTT and PET composite fibers are used in the material. With fujix’s yarn processing technology, compared with nylon 66’s retractable sewing thread, the retractability is increased by about 20%. Rss50 has a high following ability to stretch fabric. 1n addition to the zigzag or flat stretch sewing techniques used to make up for the lack of the extensibility of the sewing thread, the limited equipment can be used to sew the extensible clothing

in addition, compared with the past PTT retractable sewing thread, it can also be used in high-speed industrial sewing machines because it has the most appropriate elongation and contraction balance considering the action of the needle and the thread passing through the needle. There are white, black and primary colors, and more colors will be introduced in the future

the sales of the first year are expected to be 3 tons by raw materials and 50000 pieces by products

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