Rub the plastic gloves on the coat for a few times, and a miracle happened

Plastic gloves are often used in our daily life

recently, Xiaobian accidentally found that they are not only waterproof but also surprising for the following uses

— cleaning wool —



wearing plastic gloves

along the same line The direction should be rubbed at the place where the coat has wool

so that wool will not attach to the coat

floor mat


with the same method, the effect is the same.

— peel garlic —


use the friction of gloves

peel garlic faster

/ >-


cut the plastic gloves into strips

put them on the door handle as shown in the picture

so that you don’t have to worry about locking the door when closing the door.

— put the mop —


cut the plastic gloves into strips and put them on the bottom of the mop

put them on the wall, and they can be used 1t can effectively prevent the mop from slipping

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