Rugao labor protection education center opens

On November 7, Rugao trade union labor protection education hall opened, and Feng Jun, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, director of organization and director of United Front work, attended the opening ceremony

the Labor Protection Education Hall of Rugao trade union is jointly built by Rugao Federation of trade unions and the people’s Government of Changjiang Town, Rugao City. The whole education hall consists of five parts: policy and regulation publicity area, accident case warning area, occupational health learning area, labor protection articles display area and learning achievement inspection area. Through sound, light, electricity and other modern display means, it promotes interaction, experience and exchange, and carries out training and education of labor protection and safety production knowledge. At the same time, the education Museum has also set up a public wechat platform, which distributes 250 labor protection and safety production knowledge questions that employees must know and do in five exhibition halls to promote interaction, experience and exchange

Rugao Federation of trade unions has strengthened the popularization and education of labor safety and health knowledge through precise training, innovative carrier and construction of position. Since the beginning of this year, 430 enterprises and more than 100000 employees have been organized to participate in the safety knowledge competition. More than 150 excellent cases of “accident hidden danger shooting” have been collected, and more than 12000 employees have been mobilized to participate in the “online health class” of the Provincial Federation of trade unions

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