Rui’an rubber shoes enterprises carry out glue distribution

in order to standardize the management and use of No. 120 solvent gasoline, in May this year, Ruian City listed the safety rectification of No. 120 solvent gasoline as one of the 168 problems in the special action of “walking into contradictions and solving problems”. Rui’an safety supervision department organized business backbones and safety production experts to go deep into rubber shoes enterprises for many times, investigated the enterprises with hidden dangers one by one, and issued rectification “Prescriptions” for different enterprises, so as to truly achieve one plan for each household and pay attention to the rectification door by door

it is understood that No. 120 solvent gasoline is a kind of rubber solvent oil, which is mainly used for the adhesion of sole and girdle in the production process of rubber shoes enterprises. Because of its low flash point, inflammable, toxic, irritant and dangerous, it is a key area of potential safety hazard; The use of No. 120 solvent gasoline is the biggest potential safety hazard in the process of beating glue. Due to the production needs, the glue mixer often has to operate for more than 24 hours, which leads to fatigue failure or parts fracture of the machine. Once friction occurs, sparks will be generated immediately. 1f it is not handled in time, it is easy to cause fire or explosion accidents

most of Ruian rubber shoes enterprises were built in the 1980s. Due to lack of planning and narrow space, many rubber shoes enterprises can not implement safety assessment. According to statistics, Ruian rubber shoes enterprises are mainly concentrated in Xianjiang and Feiyun towns, of which only more than 30 are qualified to carry out safety assessment. 1n this regard, the Bureau proposed the implementation of glue distribution system< As the distributor, Xu Daojin, chairman of Wenzhou gaomile 1ndustrial Co., Ltd., told the reporter that each rubber shoe enterprise needs as much glue as it needs, which not only solves the demand problem for the other party, but also reduces a series of hidden problems caused by the storage of No. 120 solvent vapor oil Ying zukui, chairman of Ruian Yunjiang Shoes Co., Ltd., said: “especially for the enterprises that are not qualified for safety evaluation, the production conditions are limited. 1f the glue distributed is directly used in production, the potential safety hazards during processing will be reduced. 1t’s really great.” the relevant person in charge of Ruian Safety Supervision Bureau said yesterday that a total of 55 enterprises in Feiyun and Xianjiang towns have implemented glue distribution recently, that is, from the original need to process glue by themselves to the special distribution by companies with corresponding qualifications. After the implementation of distribution, rubber shoe enterprises do not need to store and mix No. 120 solvent gasoline by themselves. Even if the enterprises are not qualified for safety assessment, they only need a small space to store the glue and then use it for production, which greatly reduces the potential safety hazard

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